four quilts

This week I’ve definitely got my quilting mojo back. I’ve started and finished 4 little quilts just in time to take to Mathilda’s tomorrow. It’s so nice to see the latest ranges all made up and finished. And I’m just putting finishing touches on my quilt tutorial to make these and hope to have it up tomorrow night. I just have to get through all the last minute market preparations first.

4 quilts in a week
neatly folded
summer house quilted
Secretly I think retro daddy will just be glad to see the dining table again as I take my machine back to my sewing room again.


  1. Gorgeous quilts Corrie!

    Do you use your machine for binding the quilts or do you do them by hand?

    I hate doing the binding, so I usually get everything else done relly fast and then leave the binding for ages! I should really just get it finished but it seems I have an aversion to binding…

  2. Love love all of them Corrie…

  3. Love them …. What is the fabric used for the bottom one?

  4. I knew you made one quilt in a day, but 4 this week! Corrie, how do you do it????!!! Do you have a secret stash of time hidden in a cupboard somewhere?! Have a wonderful day at Matilda’s tomorrow, wish I was in Sydney for it.

  5. After the quilt tutorial, you really should come back and do some kind of time management tutorial. I can’t believe you made all those quilts this week!

  6. Was just thinking before I popped in to visit that it’s been a while since I’ve seen a quilt post from you – and how lovely they are! Oh so lovely. Well done you.

    Can’t wait for the tutorial, but really, have a rest first.

  7. WOW 4 quilts so fast! You must never sleep.
    and they are so pretty!

  8. Gorgeous Corrie hope the market goes well for you! i look forward to the tutorial too… you may see a quilt from me yet!

  9. Oh they’re beautiful Corrie and YOU are amazing! I’ll never know how you fit it all in, but you seem to do it so well :o) xo

  10. Wow! I LOVE this bottom quilt! What an amazing colour scheme! :)

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