I’m actually sewing

I can’t believe it either. My machine is out of hibernation. With the help of retro daddy I gained entry to my sewing machine and after an hour could bring out my sewing machine. Just like riding a bike and I’ve missed my machine so much.
I'm sewing
Retro daddy is away this week and as any sewer knows means a golden opportunity to pull out the machine to the dining room table and get some sewing done
cape ann
I also have mathilda’s market this Sunday at Fox Studios and am madly trying to turn some new charm square packs into sample quilts! It’s so lovely to see a new range all made up in a little quilt – which I’ll give to my little ones this Christmas. This is Cape Ann by Oliver & S which I have oodles of.


  1. happy sewing!

  2. very cute fabric!

  3. Good to see you back sewing! They are fantastic little charm squares.

  4. It’s a special feeling when you start back sewing. The colours look gorgeous. Are you on the new table? Cherrie

  5. Lovely fabric :) Nice to see you back at the sewing machine too!

  6. I recognised the outfits in the print. They are pretty fabrics! Have fun sewing. I am so jealous! The kitchen is looking fab!

  7. I must have been under a rock – I’ve only just discovered charm squares. I think I’m going to start attacking some pinterest listed projects with charm squares. !

  8. Oh lovely! I am excited to use the charm squares I purchased from you on ebay last week… your photos of the fabric all laid out just gave me a pang of inspiration! x

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