elodie’s pink rainbow cake

Let’s blame this picture on pinterest. I knew that was the cake I had to make for Elodie’s birthday. I couldn’t get it out of my head and I was confident enough to wing it…………perhaps there is a better or more professional way of doing it but it all looked pretty straight forward to me.  And mine isn’t perfect but for a home birthday cake…….well I’m pretty proud of myself.

I can't get enough of it

2 quantities of butter/vanilla sponge cake mixture (packet or from scratch – I went packet)
pink food colouring (I just used a 90 cent bottle from the supermarket)
lots of white frosting – I used my cream cheese frosting recipe below
round cake tin/s (I baked in about 18cm cake tins and trimmed down to 16cm round)
the cakes
it doesn’t look pretty but it all comes together
so first of all make up the double batch of butter cake mix. I did mine in my kitchenaid. Divide the batter equally between 5 bowls. I kept one bowl plain which I used for my lower layer. Then I used a drop of pink in the next bowl, mixed it and had a pale pink. You add a dash more colouring to the next bowl and repeat for the other 2 bowls. Lay them out on in a line so you can see the shades of pink. I found I really had to add a few drops to the last bowl to get a hot pink. Now you are going to bake each coloured batter separately. I bought 2 small round cake tins from the supermarket and baked 2 cakes at a time. They don’t need long in the oven just until a skewer comes out clean. Lay baking paper on a cooling rack and leave the cakes to cool on the paper – I didn’t with my first cakes as you can tell.
I love this pic!
Now it’s best to make your cakes the day before so you can ice them easier. I also trimmed my cakes using a slightly smaller cake tin and knife but it’s up to you. Now my lovely facebook friends have told me to freeze them a little first then ice. So make up your frosting. I use about 125g soft butter/margerine, 150g light cream cheese, 1kg-1.25kg icing sugar. In your mixer, whisk your butter and cream cheese until thick and creamy. Add in icing sugar gradually as well as a dash or two of milk as needed to get the right consistency. You want a nice thick consistency that stays on the beaters but not too thick that it takes your cake with it when you spread it.
pink rainbow cake

Almost half of the frosting will go in between the cake layers. Get your cake board or large plate ready and lay the plain cake on it in the centre. Place a dollop of frosting over the top and with a wet knife, spread the frosting evenly over the cake. Spread it right to the edges. Now repeat with the rest of your layers going from plain to the darkest pink.

Now ice the top of the cake and the sides with a layer of frosting. Using a wet knife spread the icing over all of the sides. Crumbs will get everywhere but you’re going to put another layer of frosting over the top. Refrigerate it first then cover the entire cake in frosting, using a wet knife to smooth the frosting. Decorate the top and you’re done. Sit tight and get excited for the moment you cut into it…..these little people were getting very excited.
waiting for the cake
A couple of general tips from me to you……..

– give yourself plenty of time to make and ice the cakes
– try to make your cakes the day before
– make lots of frosting. My recipe above will be the right amount for the entire cake
– because I know you’ll ask: each cake measured 16cm across and 2-2.5cm high.
– lay baking paper over your cooling racks as I got serious indentations from the rack onto my cakes
– trim your cakes if necessary, I did this with a slightly smaller cake tin
– keep the cat out of the kitchen because it will want to lick the icing
– forget about how much frosting you are putting on the cake and then eating
– the best diets always start tomorrow/on monday/next week/in the new year

from the top
a look inside

and that was my first ever rainbow cake…………….and I loved it. I will definitely make one again and it’s so worth the time and effort.
the very first slice is out

so pretty
off to the neighbours
pretty layers


  1. Hard to believe she is one already…. love the cake and the kids are very cute.. too

    Happy Birthday Elodie

  2. I think I have pinned this cake too! You did an amazing job!

  3. Love it Corrie, you’ve done an awesome job. Happy Birthday Elodie, welcome to toddlerhood!

  4. Happy Birthday, Elodie!

  5. You did an amazing job Corrie, it looks so delicious and very girly. I looooove it. Well worth the effort.

  6. That is very impressive and looks lovely. I was going to do something similar for my daughter’s 2nd birthday, but decided to do a strawberry shortcake one, still want to try this though. Happy birthday to your little one :)Sam

  7. Would love to see a photo of the birthday girl with her cake? I, too, have pinned that cake – though may do a blue version here!

  8. I just pinned this cake on my pinterest board yesterday! Thought I’d give it a go for my daughter’s 3rd birthday in a few weeks time. Thanks so much for the full instructions as now I’ll definitely give it a go!

  9. I’ve never been game to try a rainbow cake. That looks divine! Happy birthday to your little one.

  10. I really want to make this but it looks so scary to screw up!

  11. sweet

  12. Oh so pretty and you did a great job with all the pink layers! Looks delicious and such a special day for Elodie! Happy 1st birthday :)

  13. Thanks so much for sharing that. I will be copying that one for my daughters birthday..you know how it is…they lloooooooove pink. Thanks again. Lisa
    PS you did a great job on that cake by the way :)

  14. Corrie your cake was awesome! Happy 1st Birthday Elodie!
    Thank you so much for dealing tips with rainbow cake, I’m going to make my own soon for both of my girs, they have birthdays in November :)

  15. You have just made me ridiculously hungry for cake!

  16. I think I like that much better than the multi-coloured rainbow cake that everyone seems to be making at the moment.

    I want buttercream now…..

    And where is the photo of Elodie with cake in her face?? LOL

  17. Love the cake. I saw it too, and was thinking about who to do it for!

  18. Oh I love this Corrie, looks absolutely gorgeous, you’ve done a stella job. My Nana used to make me a rainbow cake every year when I was little, I just loved them!
    Gorgeous pics, but I was looking through for a pic of the beautiful birthday girl, no Elodie shots!
    Happy Birthday to the gorgeous princess xo

  19. Oh god love your little girl! Happy birthday Elodie! What a clever mumma you have to make such a pretty cake! God bless x

  20. Looks fabulous Corrie, thanks for sharing your tips. I might have to attempt this for Adelaide one day.

  21. Beautiful… a perfect first birthday cake for a gorgeous girl. Can’t believe she’s 1 already. Terrifying actually! Big kisses to Elodie xx

  22. I so want to make one of these for my pink mad girl – you have made it look easy! Happy Birthday to your wee girl.

    Amanda xox

  23. WOW!!! I’ve seen these rainbow cakes on Pinterest, and thought AMAZING! Thank you for sharing, you made that look easy enough for me to actually try!

  24. Wowee zowee! this is a fab cake alright! Thanks so much – my nearly 4 year old thanks you in advance :)

  25. How funny, we’ve had a birthday boy and I went for a blue rainbow cake!
    Time certainly does fly!
    Sandra x

  26. Lovely! did you need to use supports to hold the cake together – everything I’ve read suggested it, but if I can get away without straws in my cake, I’d like to 😛

  27. Wow it looks beautiful! Fantastic job! I have been wanting to make a rainbow cake but wasn’t sure how to pull it off. Now I know, Thanks for sharing! Oh and Happy Birthday to your current littlest one, Elodie.

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