I love knitting for newborns

I love knitting for newborns. And my sweet, sweet friend Francine has just had her 3rd baby. A little boy born yesterday and he weighs 2 kilos. So tiny. I love hearing baby news and I love to crack out the knitting needles and make a few things. Francine’s two girls were also little premmies and the first time I went over to their house to introduce myself was when their 2nd daughter was born 4 years ago and I came bearing premmie hats that I’d knitted up. And this is one of the hats I made. I love how flickr and ravelry mean that I can quickly look up what I’ve knit in the past.

little debbie bliss baby beanie

And while I’m madly knitting away here I thought I’d share some of my favourite knits for new babies.

5 hour baby cardigan

5 hour baby cardigan. I’ve made this about 4 times and it’s a great quick knit. You can knit it in a 4 ply or whatever ply you like. Easy peasy and suitable for a beginner. Find the pattern here.

5 hour baby sweater again!

February baby sweater. Well this is one of the most popular baby patterns on ravelry. It comes from Elizabeth Zimmerman and I bought this little book for the pattern. It’s very sweet. Not too hard but it does require some concentration with the lace knitting. In other words little kids running around at your feet means you lose your place and lose concentration. That’s me anyway. Ravelry details are here.

february baby sweater

maile. knit all in one and I think I need to make this too. My lovely aunty debbie, another knitter in the family, made this for Elodie and it was on high rotation in her wardrobe. I think every baby needs a white cardigan as it goes with everything. The pattern is free and can be found on ravelry here.

elodie wears handmade

the hat details are here

Paxton –  love this little simple one because it’s a little bit different and comes in newborn and premmie size. I’m knitting it at the moment in the small newborn size as I started before the baby was born. It’s really easy and knit top down, you leave the sleeves on some scrap wool and come back to them. Ravelry details are here.

Debbie Bliss baby shrug. This is another great pattern and I’m pretty sure I’ve made it over 7 times as it’s knit all in one piece and is super easy. The pattern is now free and can be found here. Ravelry details are here.

tillie models the baby shrug

Springtime in hollis – I haven’t made this one but I love it! Go check out posie gets cosy’s version here. Heaven. I want one. Ravelry details are here.

Anyway, they are a few of my favourites but I’d love to hear your favourite newborn knit!


  1. I love newborns in knitted things, they look so precious.
    I can knit but I can’t actually knit anything (if that makes sense), I really should learn!

  2. Thanks for the great links – I’m going to print some of these out and share them with my new grandbaby’s other gramma – she’s a prolific knitter, unlike slow me!

  3. These booties are great – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/babys-booties-knit

    I always calculate when the baby’s first winter will be and make the appropriate sized wool item and find out the Mum’s favorite colour and knit in that colour.

    It is so lovely for a new mum to get hand made presents

  4. Thanks for this post — I Had most on my queue but found a couple of new ones as well. Newborn knitting is keeping me occupied while my big round belly and I rest on the couch!

  5. Though I don’t have a newborn to knit for, I did really love checking out these projects. Marking them for future baby gifts. But posts like these make me want another 😉

  6. My mum does little white cardigans for newborn presents, I think they are the most divine gifts. Love all the patterns :)

  7. I also love to knit for newborns! The last thing I knitted was a cocoon-like sleeping sack. A wonderful thing to give to a little person!!! Feel free to check my blog and see what it looks like. The text is written in Norwegian, but the pics are look-at-friendly!!! I also have the pattern in English!

  8. Sorry, forgot to include the link to the Owlie sleeping sack! Here it is:


  9. Oh I love baby knits and I wish I could make them myself, but I have to rely on the talented females in my family to do the honours for me ;o)
    This is a gorgeous post Corrie, all of the pics make me clucky (oh no!) Elodie looks like a little doll in that photo, so perfect xo

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