Mathilda’s Market this Sunday

Well it’s friday afternoon so if you’re planning your weekend make sure you put Mathilda’s market in your schedule. Sick children were not part of my plans for this week but somehow (don’t even ask me how) I got a few things done this week and have pulled out my market stock and am packed. Of course there are lots of little jobs to do as there always are before a market. I have a nice assortment of new fabrics to show off this Sunday including some really cute cosmo fabrics. Sherbet Pips charm squares and fat quarters anyone? I have plenty as I did a reorder.

sherbet pips

And a new delivery of charm squares arrived this afternoon including some white charm squares to start making pinwheels. They are really easy to make if you have one pack of patterned charm squares and one pack of white charm squares. I hope to make a few sample blocks to bring with me on sunday! Or maybe not as we have a busy weekend with family things on and my grandma here. Honestly, I don’t know why I say stuff like that because I never get around to it. Oh well. This is fabric photographed one minute after the box has been opened. I am hanging out to get stuck into these.

just arrived on my doorstep
I’ve decided to just sell my fabrics at markets from now on as I just can’t do the whole open 24/7 online store and post off orders thing. It has just about killed me and I love to meet my customers so it’s win win. Plus four mathilda’s markets a year is much more doable even if they do sneak up on me.

love this one! going to make a great quilt!

I also love this venue as it is a dream to unload and there is plenty of free parking in the school grounds. You’ll find me on the right wall (next to my buddy Liss) and I hope to see you there!


  1. Oh :( I saw the Terrain and SO want to get some, but there’s no way I’ll be getting to Mathilda’s from Adelaide. Patience, patience…

  2. Good on you for being organised! It’s alot of work to do markets. My hat is off to you my friend! I gave up on markets a while ago!!

  3. Have a great market and aren’t those fabrics gorgeous!! Toowoomba is a long way from Sydney so I’ll always just have to drool over the photos….such a shame. Have fun!

  4. Have a great market Corrie :)

  5. Corrie Can I ask how much your charm packs are?
    Would love to come to the market and it is close by but not sure if I can afford to!

  6. Oooh those fabrics are gorgeous. Do you buy from Moda in America? Great idea to use charm packs to make pin wheels. Look forward to seeing them on your blog. Sadly I cannot attend the MM this weekend as I have a cold but next time. Good luck with your stall. Look forward to hearing all about on your blog.

  7. Hello corrie, do you have any moda bliss pre cuts?
    Thx sharyn

  8. Good luck at Mathilda’s, i agree, so much easier, the stock is there, cash & carry, no checking stock etc, just take it & enjoy. Have a gorgeous weekend with g’ma & wishing healthy children upon you. Love Posie

  9. I have you have a busy but productive weekend! Are there any of the ‘cars’ fabric left from the last markets? I was hoping you put some aside for me. 1 metre of each of the dark blue and the light blue if you have it! I’m too far away to callinto the market to see you! And my Dad is getting married this weekend so we are super busy too!

  10. You’re so funny Corrie — “Honestly, I don’t know why I say stuff like that because I never get around to it. ” cracked me up — I often think the same thing when I type something. There are always big plans, but… Have a wonderful time at market!

  11. Hi Corrie…just making sure you got my Sherbet Pips order via email? Dont want to miss out :-)

  12. I haven’t seen ‘hideaway’ or ‘terrain’ before..they look intriguing..I must watch out for them! All the best at the markets, hope you have a wonderful time, meeting people and selling all your beautiful fabric.

  13. so wish I was nearer…..pretty expensive if you include a flight from uk! look gorgeous though x

  14. I’ll be sorry to miss it but my bank balance will be happy! We have a massive day tomorrow so there is no way I’ll be able to fit it in. Congrats on the business decision, by the way, sounds like a much more manageable way to run things. Until you can hire an assistant to do all the postal work for you that is :-) xx

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