mathilda’s market paddington

Markets sneak up on me. I always say oh next time I’ll be so much more organised and I never am. Totally leave it all to the last minute. This Saturday is Mathilda’s Market at Paddington Town Hall. I’ve got all my baskets, boxes and assortment of things out (which is an achievment in itself) but I’ve left the fabric cutting to the last week………… usual! All of these bolts need cutting and folding…………I see a few late nights of coffee and chocolate ahead of me.

new fabrics
I also plan on having a huge clearance basket on the floor which means sorting through the 2 huge baskets of remnants as well as bits and bobs that are floating around my sewing room. I’m totally last minute but sometimes that is when I do my best work.  
new fabrics for the girls
Hope to see you there. Mind you I know a lot of crafty girls will be at Sew it Together and you’ll find me in your goody bag (ha ha). But I’ll be there in spirit and look forward to catching up with you all at dinner!!! 
are you going to SIT
And then I owe retro daddy a day off!


  1. Coffee and chocolate is just the best fuel, isn’ it? When you are a mum to many late nights seem to be the only time you can get things done!

  2. Such lovely fabric. Wish I could come to the market and help you out with your oversupply of fabric 😉 But sadly I live in a whole other state.

  3. Argh, I’m away this Saturday!

    Enjoy yourself, Corrie. x

  4. hi you can do it….are you going to be putting any of that fire engine fabric in your store or where can i get some? My son is addicted to anything with a fire engine on it!

  5. Oooh yes, coffee and chocolate are my best friends :-). Wow, all that fabric looks fantastic! Wish I lived nearby, will have to keep my fingers crossed that some might end up in your online store :-).

  6. Good luck with the market :-)

  7. Hope it goes wonderfully… can’t wait to hear your feedback. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to drag my big body there! Kx

  8. Oh Corrie, if only I lived in Sydney! Can I please (with a cherry on top) buy some of the car/truck material to make my little boy some pj’s?????? My email in case I can: Cheeky of me I know but my little boy would just love it!

  9. ooh, I love that elephant fabric!! Wish I didn’t have plans this saturday, would’ve loved to visit you at Mathilda’s!

  10. I love it all, fabric, coffee, chocolate and markets! Wish I lived in Sydney. I saw some fabric there that I would love! I would also love to have all that fabric at my place……have a great day.

  11. I love the little car / truck fabric in the first picture. Will you be selling this in your store? Would love it if you could let me know! Thanks, Kate

  12. GASPING at the wee car/road fabrics in the first pic. WANT.

  13. Such pretty, cute fabric! It’s a great opportunity to eat lots of chocolate!

    I have an Australian friend who lives in London who gets very confused when people ask to meet in Paddington. He automatically thinks of the place in Sydney not one of our mainline train stations x

  14. Don’t forget to vote Corrie! Maybe you should prepoll vote. Hope you have a great day at the markets.

  15. i have a market on sat too and am busy getting ready. I was so sorry to miss your sale

  16. If I lived in Sydney, I’d be there! I wish our inlaws hadn’t moved back to New Zealand from Sydney. Gone are the days of cheap accommodation in Sydney! Jacinta

  17. How yummy is that fabric!
    It’s times like this I wished I lived in Sydney

  18. Hi,
    I am sooooo looking forward to the market this Saturday, I’ll be one keen customer and if I’m not too shy I’ll say hello too

  19. Oh that fabric is so beautiful! It almost makes me cry that I’m right up the top of Australia and no where near Sydney for the market!!!

    Sooooo hoping that some of that car/truck fabric makes it to your shop!!!

  20. Ohhhhhh swooning over that lovely stash!!!!!!

  21. Oh so want to wag the first hour of SIT to see you at Mathilda’s!! We’ll see, now i’m at the IKEA sleep over party on Friday night, oh yes, me, sleeping, at, IKEA!! Love Posie

  22. Lovely fabrics Corrie. Have fun on Saturday!

  23. Oh dear there is some work left to do. Good luck with it and with the market as well!
    But just wanted to say that I just LOVE your fabrics. They are so gorgeous!

  24. Oooh, nice business cards! Milla & I might come along for a visit on Saturday if it’s too cold for camping.

  25. Such gorgeous fabric Corrie! Wish I could come to your stall. Will you be making any of it available online?

  26. Are you familiar with the Canadian band ‘The Barenaked Ladies’?

    Do you know their song “If I Had A Million Dollars”?

    If I *had* a million dollars I would totally be flying out to visit you at this market you keep teasing us with!

    Have a great market day!!!

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