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Well the first big email for Quilts for Queensland went out last night to over 80 ladies, wow, no wonder I was so flat chat trying to email everyone who was contacting me. I have a few more ladies to add to the list and if you didn’t receive the email and want to help just leave a comment with your email address and I’ll add you on. It is one mother of an email list! And can I just say that I am loving the quilts and blocks on our flickr page so don’t forget to join in over there. I still get a bit emotional when I think about who these quilts are going to.
And I know we have some beginner quilters out there which is just so great! Teaching yourself to quilt will have you hooked in no time. And since I’m a self taught quilter, youtube is my go-to place. A place where you can do a search on a technique or block and find a great tutorial in no time. Here are my favourites and I hope they provide some inspiration and help to you. Pinwheels anyone?

Another great tutorial I love is this one for a quilt as you go quilt. She is making a table runner but I would use a jelly roll or strips as wide as the fabric (generally 112cm/115cm) and you are sewing through your backing and batting as well as piecing at the same time. This method is called quilt as you go and is speedy! I think this one is for people dying to make a whole lap quilt but not sure where to start or wanting something quick and satisfying. I’m going to give this method a go………….

If you love precuts and jelly rolls, then this is a really pretty one. I would just cut strips of white quilters muslin/homespun instead of a white jelly roll as that is what I have at home but if you can get your hands on the white jelly roll then of course use that.

So there you have it! I could seriously spend all day watching the Missouri Quilt Co. tutorials. I hope these help you! If you have great tutorials on your blog or someone else’s just let me know and I’ll add them to this blog post to help our budding quilters out there.


  1. Oh yes, handy for we self taught quilters, great tips, love Posie

  2. These are great and just what I need. Thanks Corrie

  3. Thank you….I have been looking and looking at lots of tuts …I will have fun looking at these and having a better go than I have been.
    Good job at your quilt coordinating…many people will be blessed by it.

  4. Hi Corrie, I have some quilt tops that I would love to send in.


    Cheers Lisa

  5. Hi Corrie

    I didnt receive the email-my email is brekki3@bigpond.com


  6. Thanks Corrie, the pinwheel one looks easy and I’ll watch the rest later on today. I don’t have any tools yet like a rotary cutter or mat. Where and what brands are the best to buy? I feel a little nervous actually starting out but you give lots of encouragement! Thanks :)

  7. Thanks Corrie, these are fantastic.
    I am a new quilter and have really struggled with some things. I had never thought to look at tutorials on YouTube. Very helpful and informative – hey, I may even complete a quilt :-)

    Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

  8. I would like to be on the list. I have one lap size top almost complete and will send the backing. Just so you don’t have to look me up it is fweeatwast@yahoo.com

    Thanks for all you are doing.

  9. This is an awesome post, thanks so much for the link to the pinwheel video – I wanna give it a go now!

  10. Hi Corrie, I didn’t receive an email. My email is sewjensew@gmail.com. Thanks, Jenny

  11. Hi Corrie; I’ll send you some blocks. Thanks for all your hard work.

  12. Hi Corrie, I have some blocks, a small quilt top and some backing fabric almost ready to send. My email address is:


    I can’t wait to watch these tutes once I have a few minutes! Thanks again for all your effort.

  13. I discovered the Missouri Star Quilt tuorials for a few monthes now too!!! They are absolutley inspiring and make every project look so simple, and they quilt with such JOY! I made my 1st quilt very recently, a rag quilt for a baby, and have since ordered alot of fabric, and a walking foot, and a quarter inch foot so I can get absolutley serious. I am hooked, and now that I have discovered the world of sewing/quilting blogs…. WOW, there is no end to the inspiration out there! xxx

  14. Jenny is a sweetheart and she really knows how to teach quilting.

    I am blessed to live near her…MSQC is my LQS. I know…it’s awesome!

  15. I just love tutorials stat!!

  16. Oh just what I needed! I haven’t plucked up the courage yet to make a block, I am such a coward! When i get a spare hour to myself i will browse and take the plunge!

  17. I’m another self taught quilting beginner. Thank you soo much, this will certainly help.

  18. Thanks… I love the quilt how you go.
    Thanks Marja.

  19. Hi Corrie
    I have a quilt cut and ready to go but missed your email.
    Have also sent some other girls your way. We all agree that you’re doing a fabulous and amazing thing.

  20. Thanks Retro Mummy for the tutorial…first time for me to see the quilt as you go. Love your sites and fabrics! Salsy

  21. Hi Corrie, Yet to receive an email but I know you must be flat chat so here’s my email address….

    jessken at bigpond dot com dot au

    I have 6 blocks already done ready to post…..they are on flickr.


  22. This is an awesome post, thanks so much for the link to the pinwheel video. I really love quilt tutorials, and I want to try the same

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