summer clothes on a budget

If you were in sydney yesterday then you know it was HOT HOT HOT. I was madly pulling everything summery out of my wardrobe finding something to wear to take keira to ballet… know where I’m going with this don’t you. Yep, nothing was going to fit my generous new body size and it appears I must have lost my weight by the time summer arrived after the twins were born…..but still I was trying them on. I settled on a black elastic waisted skirt I’d made last summer, a black lace singlet and my new muffin  top.
Usually I just buy a few great pieces from trenery and country road each season but I’m no longer an XS and I’m not going to buy new clothes till I’ve started to lose weight because I’m motivated to be a skinny minny this summer! DILEMMA! So I went to Target and picked up some black capris which are the perfect length for $39 and then went to Cotton On and got 2 ruffled t-shirts for $30. Crisis averted, 2 new summer looks to tide me over for the grand sum of $69! Oh I was so proud of myself!!! 

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