sweet soy chicken

That Liss from Frills in the Hills is always putting a new recipe on her blog that I just have to make and this Sweet Soy Chicken was one of them. Now when I’m not pregnant I don’t go near meat but something happened when I was pregnant with the twins and chicken made an appearance in my diet! I don’t care for it when I’m not pregnant so am guessing my body is telling me it needs something! Kind of like the way I eat chocolate way too much lately…..

sweet soy chicken

Now this recipe is oh so easy! I left it too late to get it in the slow cooker so it did about 45 minutes in the slow cooker and 45 minutes in the oven. I also had no brandy so used some japanese cooking wine and extra honey, served with white rice and for vegies I sauteed chinese broccoli and some mushrooms in oyster sauce. Oh yum, thanks Liss! A real winner and I took some tips on your presentation and retro daddy was very impressed!


  1. Oh how gorgeous are you!? As I said on the post it doesn’t get any easier than that recipe. It’s really good for those ‘can’t be bothered’ days (hey we all have them!)

    Good substitutions too – Japanese or even chinese rice wine would be good for this – just add another tb or honey :)

  2. Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing. This will be on our table tonight and slow-cooked? Even better!

  3. Yum Corrie — that looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  4. Oh it looks delicious Corrie. I know all about those food cravings when I was pregnant. I couldnt stomach chicken when I was pregnant with my son (and he wouldnt eat any chicken until he was 7 yrs old) and then when I was pregnant with Isabelle I couldnt stomach beef or eggs. She doesnt eat any red meat all really so I guess your body does tell you sometimes what you need. I will have to try out that recipe in the slow cooker, we have had 3 meals in our last week.

  5. Oh yummy, that looks delish!
    and I love your new fabric, very nice :)

  6. it’s really good for those ‘can’t be bothered’ days
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  7. I love chicken cooked like this. Do you know about how long you would cook it in the slow cooker if you didn’t use the oven? Please let me know. Using the oven in south Florida this time of year makes the kitchen unbearably hot!

    Mike Rocha
    Publisher, SmallApplianceDepot.com

  8. Yum! I suddenly feel the urge to go out and buy a slow cooker…

  9. Thanks for the link – will be making this tomorrow!

  10. I had a thing for chicken during my last pregnancy too.. it was the only thing that took away my morning sickness feeling and I found myself eating heaps of it.

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