sweet lil’ shrug

here it is all finished! I had to make a quick trip out this morning to get darning needles (I swear there are about 10 or so hiding from me at my house) to weave in all the ends! I could make one in every colour for my little miss and she’s now having her nap all warm and cosy.

The pattern is from Debbie Bliss Simply Baby but aren’t you lucky that you can get it free here. I used Ella Rae Classic but any old 10 ply will do and this colour is so sweet, a really girly pink. I took these pics so quickly before she crawled off.

ps thanks for all your lovely comments! I’ve just put it down as one of those awkward social situations!


  1. Corrie she looks absilutely adorable.

  2. that is sooo adorable! oh, and the shrug is cute too!!

  3. How cute. Little miss and shrug.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Look at those gorgeous teeth… they are totally changing her appearance! Amazing how that happens!

  5. that shrug just wouldn’t be the same without that lovely baby of yours!!! I live in France and we’re supposed to be having warmer weather but one or two shrugs wouldn’t go astray here either!!!!

  6. Another gorgeous girl in your family. She looks so much more grown up doesnt she since we saw here last in her photos. I love the little shrug on her, too cute and I would see why you would want to make one in every color too.

  7. Corrie absolutely gorgeous. I’m going to knit this one in the craft room.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. I want to knit this for my little one too.

  9. Such a little cutie!
    Love the shrug ~ might have to add it to my to-do list…

  10. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen such a big smile from Miss Tillie! She’s normally miss serious. Beautiful shrug Corrie.

  11. I didn’t think she could get any cuter but sheesh with that shrug! Adorable.

  12. Oh she is growing up so much. She looks so lovely.

    The shrug is very darling!

  13. What a darling little Miss Tillie, she is just adorable and looks quite the part in her new shrug.

    Also, thank you for the scrumtious vegie lasagne recipe – I made it tonight and my little 2 year old Miss Sophie (who has suddenly become averse to vegies!!!) chomped it down and stated “yum”!!! Husband also approved so am quite impressed with my efforts thanks to you.

    kind regards, Christine

  14. Tillie and her shrug are both gorgeous! Would you consider doing one on commission?

  15. Just lovely! What another beauty you have…and or course, the shrug is cute too! :)

  16. Holy cow that little sweetie is getting so big! Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was lying next to her brother smiling up at the camera???

  17. Corrie, she’s amazing! And the shrug isn’t bad either :-)

    I hope Finn is feelng better.

  18. Lovely shrug.
    And super cute little pink person. What a smile!!!

  19. Thanks so much for sharing this! I recently made one for my little girl from a very simple pattern, but this one looks so much nicer!

  20. Beautiful shrug and beautiful baby.


  21. ooh its beautiful, I might add this shrug to the list of things I WANT TO MAKE NEXT, THANKS

  22. So beautiful, sweet smile!
    Love the shrug too!

  23. Like they have all said before me, she is adorable! I tryed to knit the shrug and didnt have much luck, I think I should try again, she just looks so sweet in it.

  24. Hi Corrie,

    I want to make this shrug for a friend of mine for a 9-12 month old with some 8 ply yarn on 4.5 and 4mm needles… do you think I should go down to the 6-9 size?

    Thanks so much!


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