fridays, french movies and fabric

Phew its Friday…I finished the quilt last night and just need to fray and trim some more edges……ragged edges aren’t going to be everyone’s liking but its cute for a baby!

I’m also super tired as I stayed up way too late into the morning watching the most amazing movie ….now I don’t want to sound all arthouse here but you simply must watch La Vie en Rose with the very beautiful Marion Cotillard (we’re a huge fan of this lovely lady)….wow what a movie! I grew up listening to Piaf…not through choice but when you’re dear mother is a french teacher you are surrounded by french movies and music whether you like it or not.

French movies I love but Piaf wasn’t to a child’s taste….long trips to Queensland were filled with cassette after cassette of Piaf…not really your light and happy travel music suitable for children but anyway…..I knew nothing of her life until I watched this movie…and all I can say is watch it! the story, the amazing acting, the music it was all just amazing and its one of those special movies you must watch. I’m still affected by it today….I watched it on the World Movie channel or you could check out your local video store (gosh I haven’t been in there for years).

and a blogless Lynda asked yesterday where I buy my fabric…I couldn’t write back to you so here you go! I love to buy fabric at fat quarter shop, hancocks of paducah, sew mama sew heather baileys store is also great as she has everything in her ranges (a little bit too dangerous) and if you join their mailing lists they will email you with special offers and discounts. I buy 5-6 yards at a time and usually pay about US$11 shipping for an envelope and you can normally still fit a pattern in there too. Ebay and etsy are great too just make sure you check fabric size and postage before you buy. If you just want a taste of a fabric range buy charm square packs and you can pick them up on ebay for about $15 or Julie’s store and they’re a great way to get some colour and great designs and you can do applique or quilts with them. Now if I’m just after a bit of fabric for binding or something special (like when I needed to match fabrics or get my huge quilting hoop) then I’ll go to a quilting store…this is my nearest and its such a beautiful store. Definitely worth a trip up north Sydney ladies. In Melbourne this was my lovely shop of choice.

And lastly if I need lots of fabric for a quilt backing or to make a large project then I head to Spotlight. If you go there often you can keep an eye on whats coming in and sometimes you get some real beauties so long as you haven’t killed yourself tripping over the boxes and crap everywhere.


  1. I love your quilt. I might have to try some raw edge applique. Does it fray much after washing?

  2. love the quilt Corrie! very pretty.

  3. I started watching the movie last night but I was just to tired to stay up and watch it. I am going to go and check out the guide now to see when it is on on the weekend. It did look fabulous right from the very beginning.

  4. The quilt looks lovely! And my mum was also a french teacher.

  5. Very pretty quilt…the fabrics are gorgeous.

    I am also a lover of French movies and the World Movies channel. Like you, I haven’t been near a video store in years :)

  6. Your quilt looks beautiful. Now I understand why you would watch a french movie, obviously when you know the language it makes much more sense. Do you think your little ones will learn it too.

  7. Ha ha
    Blogless Lynda is here! Didn’t my url come up?

    Sorry !
    Thanks for the answers!
    And fo rthe record I can’t see any wrinkles!

  8. Hi Corrie,

    I thought you might like to see our shop:

    Happy Quilting!

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