gone quilting

while the babies have been sleeping peacefully like this……

I’ve been quilting….2 nights (I fell into bed at 12.30 this morning) and 1 morning have produced this quilt top which is the Candy Shop quilt from this book….I’ve used Midwest Modern and Farmers Market fabric in lovely shades of pink, red, green and yellow and white quilters muslin which will be stitched with cute flowers, cherries, dragonflies and butterflies….

I’m taking a break from it this afternoon to catch up on the housework which has been somewhat neglected over the past few days and to give me some time to find the perfect backing and binding fabric since this is my first ‘big’ quilting project….

more progress to come during the week.


  1. What a beautiful quilt top! I love it. LOVE IT!!!

  2. Oh I love it Corrie, the colours are just fabulous. You are certainly getting lots of time to get back into sewing you lucky girl.

  3. Love the sleeping baby picture – so sweet!! Your quilt top looks stunning Corrie – love the crisp white and pretty pinks together.

  4. Wow what a lovely quilt…. beautiful materials . Well done!

  5. The quilt looks great Corrie, but that sleeping face looks even more gorgeous

  6. what angels your babies must be, coz they sure look like it in the piccie and sooo good to enable you to quilt for 2 days. You should try the Book Depository for books tooo. Love the quilt, I have this book too and there is a new one out. Happy quilting

  7. Oh it is gorgeous Corrie. Is it for Keira or yourself. Tilly looks so sweet, like a little angel. I dont know how you stay up late with 3 little ones to keep you on your toes. I still struggle to get enough sleep with Isabelle.

  8. That looks lovely Corrie! How you find the time is beyond me… Beautiful work.

  9. That is a gorgeous quilt, to say nothing of the baby! Don’t worry about the housework, it’s not like it’s going any where!

  10. awesome…. beutiful pix of ur babe too!!

  11. I love the quilt, and that photo of your little cherub is just gorgeous.
    The new blog design looks great too!

  12. Such a sweet quilt.

  13. gorgeous quilt…love the colours…i really must do more quilting…but i spend to much time looking at everyone elses…

  14. It’s your first??? It’s just beautiful! I love the colors. Oh, and that beautiful, sleeping babe too!

  15. Tha quilt top is looking wonderful. I’ve been admiring the quilts in that book too.

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