wearing a baby

Earth mother I am not. Keira was breastfed, cloth nappied, slept in our bed till she was 2 (not so much co-sleeping but rather the only way to get sleep) and vegetarian until she discovered sausages and cocktail franks (to the point I have to put them out of her reach after a few) but life for the twins has meant disposable nappies, formula and I’ll just do my best when it comes to food time……but I do think I’m getting the hang of this whole sling thing….keira just hated it and when I came home from the hospital the babies were swimming in this sling but now I quite like wearing one of the babies so I can do my usual housey stuff …..this could be as earth mother as I get with them….oh and those 2 little piles on the floor are keira’s books which she loves to scatter around the house!

and look what I came home to this morning…its been a while since I got a huge bunch of flowers…oh no wait only 4 months ago when the twins were born and we ran out of room to put all the flowers…anyway these are so beautiful and from our mortgage broker as a house warming present…um I can’t see a bank sending us flowers for having a mortgage with them!


  1. Pippa Jokhan says:

    Hi Corrie,

    Congrats on the new house – it must be great to have room to move with so many people! Let me know when you are all settled as I would love to drop by and see you, Keira and the twins.


  2. She looks very comfy in that sling!

    Ali is now 14 months and 13kg (!) and I still carry him in the sling sometimes. It’s good in crowded shops, and the other day he wanted to be cuddled and I had stuff to do so I popped him on my back in the Ergo and we were both happy. I’m not an earth mother either, but sometimes you just have to go with what works, right?

  3. A delayed comment about the idiot commenter, but great blog, it’s your blog and you should write what you want! Beautiful ideas about the button boxes, by the way, and the yo-yo’s are quite addictive, be warned! Aren’t girls cute? Keep up the stylish ideas.

  4. She looks very happy there. Yeh – you just have to do what you have to do. The girls were formula babies and rarely worn (I did the cloth nappy thing – must have been crazy), but I wear Eva everywhere – best to have 2 hands free.

  5. Pigs will fly when the bank sends anyone flowers for getting a loan with them.

    Tillie is growing up so quickly. She looks so inquisitive and so very cute.

  6. My Melody is formula fed, too. I didn’t have enough milk.

    That is the least that brokers can do to thank you. Not sure how it is in Australia, but brokers here make a big commission.

  7. Tillie is getting so big! We must catch up soon. I would love to see the new house. Sorry I haven’t been in touch life has been all too consuming of late. Talk soon.

  8. Be easy on yourself – I believe that you are doing the best that you can do. And who cares if the twins are on bottles and are in disposables – you need to find your feet Mother of three. Please take care.

    Love the house – and what a nice broker!

  9. those flowers are just beautiful! How nice to receive them!

    I was ‘earth mother’ to my first baby, but I unfortunately it didn’t last for the next two – time restraint issues came into play.

    You just have to do what works for you – Tilly looks just gorgeous by the way and so do you!

  10. How cute you both look. Isabelle still likes to sleep in our bed, never wanting to go to sleep by herself and she is 7. It makes me look like a bad mum but we pop her into her own bed as soon as she is asleep. Congrats on the new house too, and what gorgeous flowers they are.

  11. gee that pouch looks comfy. I had a sling for my children and not the best, but I could have my hands free to make tea. Gr8 you are settling into your new place, love the flowers, who is your caring broker?

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