Crafty Christmas Idea 4…yo yo hairbands

Well this was my first attempt at yo yos and I’ve seen better (way better actually) but at least I got my yo yo makers out of their plastic…I used the large Clover maker and you don’t need a yo yo maker to make one but I’m all for gadgets!

they are quick and easy to make and I just added a button and attached them to the hair elastic with some stitches at the back…keira wouldn’t take this pink one out of her hair all day and kept hiding the other pink one from me…

I whipped these up in an afternoon and they make cute additions to presents and would be easy enough for a primary schooler to make up…I plan on making another batch over the weekend and perfect them a little….


  1. Oh how cute are they. I think my yo-yo maker might come out today.

  2. Aren’t these fun to do. No real rush to make any for Ellie Mae yet, we still need her to grow hair.

  3. Such a great idea – my girls are always asking for hair ties in their favourite colours and this is a great way to use up some scraps. Thanks for sharing!

  4. ohhhh I love these… I have made yoyo clips before but these are way cuter. Love the sling pix too your babes are sure growing up fast.

  5. Thanks Corrie,

    I have just make a dozen of these little dolls!
    Gorgeous and soooo fast!

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