the placket neck 4-6 hour jumper

Well this is the little placket neck jumper from Last Minute Knitted Gifts which apparently should take 4-6 hours to make….sadly I don’t get to sit that long and even if I could I think this jumper would have taken a tad longer….but its very warm and soft thanks to the Bendigo Woollen Mills Charisma I used ….its now discontinued but is a lovely blend of wool, alpaca and yorkshire mohair and just beautiful and the colour is cherry red (its a rainy dreary day and the light isn’t doing the colour any justice)

Sadly as soon as it went on keira pulled it off and wouldn’t wear it and kept pulling the neck away….I think I might need to put her in a skivvy (which we don’t even own) in order to get it worn and I’m so sad because I’ve been so excited to see miss keira wear it.


  1. corrie, it is amazing!isnt it hard when you tiol away and they wont waer it?!!?! i would wear it if i could!

  2. That colour is so pretty! Bummer about the reluctant wearer, hopefully she wakes up this morning eager to put it on.

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