the wedding

Well my little sister is now married into the Adams family (yes there were a few jokes)…..after 12 days of rain the weather was just perfect and this was the view as we were getting ready

keira looked every part the adorable flower girl

I did all my matron of honour duties and I managed to churn out 200 chocolates and 50 boxes perfectly….

the bride looked beautiful and I looked very pregnant and decided big is beautiful would be my motto for the day

and here is our little family…..awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

more photos going to flickr soon for the wedding obsessed…sorry I’m fighting retro daddy for use of his computer so I’ve only managed 5 with a lot more to come.


  1. awww gorgeous!

    do you ahve blonde hair now??

    and i dont’ have you on flickr – please add me so i know who you are lol (brazen20au)

    karen aka brazen

  2. so glad ut all went well what a lovely shot of you with your little (for now) family.Love the dress wish i looked that good when i’m pregnant!

  3. Thanks for sharing the lovely pics. Keira looks adorable in her flower girl outfit – sounds like the day went perfectly!

  4. It all looks beautiful. You make a lovely pregnant bridesmaid.

  5. Corrie looks like a lovely wedding and Keira looked very cute and of course you looked lovely to.

  6. Corrie, looks like a great wedding and you and Keira both looked great.

  7. Oh thanks for sharing Corrie. I love the pic of your little family and Keira does look gorgeous – as always! Glad the day was fine and went well.

  8. Big is definitely beautiful! You look gorgeous, as does Keira.

  9. Corrie, it all looks so beautiful – you look stunningly pregnant, Keira looks adorable with her chubby little arms and silver shoes. Your little boxes are divine. I have to admit I am a wedding obsessive!! so I will check out flickr later on tonight.

    Glad the weather turned out well for you all – it looked like a beautiful wedding.

  10. Wow, everything looks gorgeous! The Martha dress looks fabulous on you. I’m heading over to Flickr later for a look!

  11. your sister was very lucky with the weather, the whole school holidays were a write off but the weekend was amazing. Did they have a wet weather back-up venue organised? You and Keira looked beautiful, btw!

  12. Corrie, you looked beautiful. What we can see of you in the photo.
    So glad everything went well. I’m off to have a sticky beak on flickr.

  13. Beautiful wedding, beautiful famil, beautiful view. Glad you made it to your Sister’s wedding – not like me!!

  14. Oh, but don’t you look beautiful! And little Keira is adorable too. What a cute family you have. The table setting looks gorgeous. The picture of the father pulling back the veil brought tears to my eyes ;-). That picture also reminded me of when my sister got married — I was 7 mos. pregnant and standing there next to her too!

  15. Wow, everything looks so lovely! I can’t believe you made all those chocolates and boxes. Very impressive. And what a lovely family photo too!

  16. corrie you looked fantastic! keira looked very cute too. what an amazing spot for a wedding.

  17. Corrie,

    You look gorgeous as does Miss Keira as flowergirl


  18. Aww you all look gorgeous, a beautiful family and looks like a lovely wedding!

  19. It looks like it was a wonderful day – you and Keira look gorgeous!

  20. Wow, just gorgeous – you look beautiful!!

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