crocheting is like learning to drive a big car!!!!

and I was pretty hopeless at both!!!! Here are my granny squares from last night at brown owls…the one on the right is my first gone wrong and the one on the left is granny square made good! Thanks to the girls who helped me especially Steph who got me granny squaring………baby blankets here I come….and reversing out of the brown owls carpark saw me get stuck on a kerb outside and have to accelerate hard to get off it with some noise…I was a nervous wreck driving home dreading the damage but appears the only damage was to my nerves as car and kerb are fine….but now I’m psyching myself up to park to do the groceries this morning…I think you need a special lesson to park these things…

and here is my cutie at her craft table doing some colouring……she’s a huge colourer at the moment

and look whats going in the store this afternoon….gorgeous new fabrics by hollabee…these are just gorgeous and I think I need to reorder some more especially since orange and green are to die for. Well done Bianca they are just lovely.


  1. You are scaring me Corrie! I have been dreading getting a bigger car already. Glad that your car is ok.

    Love the pic of Keira in deep concentration :)

  2. ll get easier and better :)

  3. You need to head to Kmart and get some shoes. They are soft patent and oh so comfy. I can see you in the red pair and the best part they’re only $20

  4. Corrie great crocheting. Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of the parking

  5. I love the colour effect that you have from the yarn with the granny square on the left. I haven’t even had a chance to take a photo of my bad crochet yet! Maybe tomorrow.

  6. I love your Granny square and your granny…um …blobby cloud.

    We have a big car (not huge) but I hate parking it and avoid certain carparks completely.

  7. You will get used to the KIA I promise! Nice to see you last night. Love the pic of Keira.
    Libby :)

  8. I am use to driving big cars and I am under 5 ft tall. You will get the hang of it. I love the new fabrics!

  9. She is so cute sitting in that small chair and small table.

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