finally….its happened to me…

I don’t know the rest of the words to the song but finally I’m on ravelry! They say they have over 15,600 members and I’m sure I’m 15,559….my user name is retromummy by the way

Well it has been a productive day…I should have been sorting, decluttering and preparing for the move to melbourne …yes everyone thats where I’m going………so yes I should have been doing things but instead we went to the beach early and this little miss has no fear…running into the waves and deep water and trying to undo my hand! uhoh

and on the sewing front I made a dress (dodgy photo but cute dress)

and did some binding on a bassinette quilt for a baby arriving soon

I’m also waiting for this book in the mail this week…the latest debbie bliss baby book (because I already have 4 of her baby books and of course needed one more)….I think this is her best with shorties, a baby bean bag (how adorable)…and lots more

so its been a great day and this was keira at the end of a hot day watching her daddy in the garden……isn’t the skirt lovely……I can’t take credit for it as its from belinda but is just adorable….the heather ross fabric is perfect….


  1. I think going to the beach is a great idea!! The dress is so cute and the skirt Belinda made is sooo cute!! Happy Ravelry!!!

  2. Yes the skirt is very pretty. Goodluck on the move to Melbourne. Should be a lot of fun!

  3. I found you on Ravelry and now your on my friend’s list. I cant wait until you move to Melbourne too, any idea whereabouts. Keira looks cute covered in seawater and I am sure they have no fear at that age. Mine never did either. The little dress looks cute too, and I popped into your shop. The Hello Kitty embroidery book looks wonderful.

  4. oh yay! how exciting. Melbourne is such a good city to live in, you will love it. The little dress and skirt are both adorable.

  5. I remember you mentioning that you might be moving to Melbourne, and it’s great that that has come to fruition. Like Sue, I’m curious about where.
    Keira is sweetly beautiful, as always.

  6. I’m on top of the world and I just can not fight it…. lalala!!! (I think that’s how it goes)
    Congrats on the ‘Raverly’ thing, I don’t mean to sound stupid but what exactly is it??
    The day at the beach sounds heaps better then packing. The dress looks cute and that skirt is gorgeous on keira, Belinda has done an amazing job.


  7. I’m very jealous – Melbourne will be so good to live in. Love that skirt – I was so inspired I’ve just made some for the girls.

  8. The dress and skirt are so cute! We are heading into autumn here, so I have just packed away our summer-y things!

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