9 baby items I can’t live without + a giveaway


This post is sponsored by Little One’s  CONGRATULATIONS TO TRACY MCKENZIE WHO WAS CHOSEN AS THE WINNER OF THE GIVEAWAY. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED, ANOTHER GIVEAWAY COMING SHORTLY… It’s hard to believe that we’ve had 7 babies in 11 years. And that means we’ve also had a lot of baby stuff in that time. In […]

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lottie’s baptism

36311557890_faaed45a98_z (1)

Tomorrow our little lottie will be 3 months old! Time flies when you’re getting no sleep and looking after a teeny little baby. I don’t know where it’s gone. I do know that we had a beautiful day for her Baptism a few weeks ago. It was a bit of a funny day too. Trying […]

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homeschooling with a new baby


While I’m on a roll with homeschooling posts I thought I’d write a few more. This was a phrase I’d put into google because I was getting worried how I was going to homeschool with a new baby in the house. Blog posts would say you won’t be homeschooling, you need to change things, take […]

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homeschooling a child with special needs


Following on from this post I thought I’d write about how homeschooling is going. Earlier this year we removed our daughter from a small special school to homeschool her. It was a stressful time because our plans for the year had to change. A new baby was coming into the family and we were certainly […]

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some thoughts on homeschooling + special needs homeschooling


Before I write how well we are doing homeschooling I thought I’d write a few thoughts on homeschooling and special needs homeschooling. Otherwise it was going to be a very long post. Firstly,  I love teachers. Whenever I share a homeschooling post on FB I seem to get someone commenting on how hard teachers work. […]

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ditching some of our textbooks


We now have 1 year of homeschooling behind us and are already 3 weeks into the term (mind you I had to ask one of my girls what week we were up to!). For those who are new, last year we started homeschooling twins in year 2. One went to a new school after 6 […]

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2 months today


That’s gone quickly…….2 months old. We are in the middle of Baptism preparations this week and I’ve given myself the week to totally transform my house from cluttered mess to beautiful welcoming home. Let’s hope we get there. We have so many appointments and sporting activities this week so I hope it’s not a last minute rush. […]

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our little strawberry


Lottie is 7 weeks old today. When she was born I noticed that she had a little pale pink mark under her ear. It kind of stayed the same colour and shape in  hospital and when the paediatrician visited I’d forget to ask him. I guess I though it was a little birthmark that would […]

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weekend in a sunny garden


Well the garden has been full of surprises since I’ve been spending so much time inside caring for a little baby. I walked out there this morning and couldn’t believe how many flowers there were! There are just flowers everywhere and the fruit trees have so much fruit we did 2 sessions of picking. The […]

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