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Just when I started to get comfortable with everyone settled at their schools and starting to get a bit more time to study….boom……someone went and got a job down in Melbourne! And as big a job as it is to move everyone in our family down there it really was a prayer answered. At first I didn’t really like the thought of packing up our house, renting it out, changing schools and moving somewhere new but it gives us lots of new opportunities and I’m making it our adventure. But I’m really, really, REALLY going to miss life here. One of the things I love is the people I talk to wherever I go, everything is familiar and I really do just feel so settled…………..we’ve had a few tears in the house as it’s going to be hard to say goodbye and everyone has things that they will miss.


We decided to stay for most of the year so that the kids really did get a good year at school and move down for the last term of the year. I have a lot of decorating and repairing jobs to do at our house, a pool that will need to meet compliance, a kitchen that needs to be freshened up out of the 1980’s and some serious decluttering. I’m still waiting for the motivation to start those jobs but I’ve started getting quotes and booked the first council clean up. And the church fete got a few car loads of donations when I did have some initial motivation to get moving.

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Study is on hold so I can have everything organised and I’m not sure whether I’ll continue or not. I don’t want to be a uni dropout but I also really missed my own free time when I was studying. I did finish 1 subject but I was putting a lot of pressure on myself with assessments which I said I wasn’t going to do. But I did.

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So that’s that. 4 months to get everything packed up. A couple of people have mentioned I’ll be closer to my much loved Bendigo Woollen Mills and I have to say after spending a whole weekend clearing out my craft room I don’t think I want to be near craft supplies for a while. Wow the things you find…same with wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. But I am loving that I can open the tupperware cupboard and not have it fall out everywhere.



  1. Wow! Exciting & overwhelming at the same time Corrie! Praying for strength, endurance & wisdom as you cull & pack. Know God’s in this & will go before you as you settle in your new area.

    • Thank youxxx the craft room is probably the biggest job but getting there and 1st council clean up booked this week. Thank you for your prayers xxx

  2. A lot of work and organisation ahead yet a new start I’m sure. How do you declutter please Corrie? Are you able to let go of all those baby things and special memory items or do you keep them somehow? I’m in the midst of a velar out as we speak yet would love your tips. It’s meant to be good for clarity of mind and creating happy energy as well. Thanks for your help and good luck. Tracey xx

    • I start with rolls of garbage bags! I passed on big baby equipment to our school/church fete as I knew that was a good cause, baby clothes I’ve passed on except for baby girl dresses which I’m going to hopefully turn into a quilt. We’ve got some council cleanups organised and I try to do a good declutter twice a year. I get a bit too sentimental but I do hang on to favourite baby clothes and blankets and things that people have made. Good luck xxxx

  3. Jeanette says:

    Hi and welcome from melbourne. Do you know which area you will be living in? I am sure your melbourne readers will be happy to answer any questions you have about schools etc. Nothing like a move to make you declutter. I cannot imagine moving with a big family. But I know you are experienced and will do it well.

    • Decluttering will certainly made me feel better and hopefully less cleaning as less stuff! Still working out where we will be and basing it around schools first and then will live close by. thanks:)

  4. Welcome to Melbourne Corrie! I am sure there are plenty of us on here who already live in Melbourne so if you need advise about anything just shout out. I originally grew up in a very small country town in South Gippsland. At 18 I had to move to Melbourne for Uni and have lived in many suburbs since but have found the perfect spot for us is in Bayside (we are in a very small suburb called Beaumaris but all suburbs in Bayside are fab). I love this area as it feels a lot like what I had when I lived in the country. A very tight knit community where there is always someone you know when popping in to the local shops. Great public schools, sporting clubs and community activities. (Plus the added bonus of being so close to the water). Definitely worth a look when you are searching for somewhere to settle down. Good luck with it all and remember, we are here if you need answers to anything.

  5. Marilyn says:

    Melbourne is beautiful and You will love Bendigo. It was my second port of call as a traveller all those years ago. The woollen mills? Oh you could not keep me away lol. It is s lot colder than Sydney though enjoy the new chapter in your life. ❤️🌸

  6. Oh my! I was just thinking about your family and wanted to check in and BOOM you’re moving! The one positive I’ve heard from people who have lived in Melbourne, it has great services and hospitals for special needs and people needing ongoing care. I love reading about you and your family and I will keep you in my prayers.

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