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Wow it’s been 2 months between blog posts so I must have been busy or neglecting the blog or couldn’t think of anything interesting to say. Everyone went back to school last month and loves it. I have one SRC rep (voted by her class after 6 weeks at her new school), one swimming champion (off to state trials next week), one happy girl who is talking non stop (well she’s happy at school and wishes every day was a big school day), one happy kindy who isn’t as tired as he was at the start of the school year (canteen is the best thing about school), one high schooler and one happy preschooler. Oh and one very sweet baby girl who today is trying to stand on her own. I think she just wants to walk like everyone else in the family. Now actually that makes life sound like its perfect but behind the scenes I’ve had to lodge a formal appeal for assisted school transport as that turned out to be a disaster before we even had transport arrive at our house and I have been dealing with the NDIS – both very stressful things to deal with but I’m getting used to fighting for everything for my girl. So I think that’s just the way it’s going to be for a while.

Over the holidays I was thinking about what I’d like to do in a few years when everyone is at school. I might have some home-schoolers and I might not, the door is always open. I weighed up a few options as I’ve been wanting to work in the special needs area but needed some qualifications….cut a long story short after looking at a few courses and even looking at becoming a CPA again (that didn’t last long) I ended up enrolling in a Master of Teaching (Primary) Course. Something I should have done years ago….but finally the timing was right (and motivation too).

So I’m 2 weeks in and enjoying it. I do most of my study at night and weekend mornings, my house is actually cleaner and more organised as I (try) to make sure I’m up to date with most things before I sit down. The slowcooker is still my friend most nights so that dinner is sorted. Our diet isn’t as strict as it was at the start of the year but I’ve still got 2 on the gluten and dairy free diet. The big kids have been helping out a little more and so far so good. But then again it’s only week 2. My first subjects are ICT, Aboriginal Education and a Cultural Diversity unit. I need to brush up on a few online skills and have already taught myself how to do a bright and colourful mind map online, am answering my weekly discussion posts and on time and just need to work on my essay writing skills as it’s been a really long time.

Love to hear your top studying tips. I think holidays will now be a time of rest and hopefully knitting.


  1. Hi Corrie, congratulations on going back to study. My three top study tips are (1) keep up, falling behind is fatal. (2) Try to engage with other students, I am at CDU and only ‘see’ other students at exam time. However, we engage through Facebook and it is useful for asking that question you felt too shy to ask the lecturer/tutor and for just general complaining about the reading/study load. (3) Buy a cheap black and white laser printer. I find myself printing a lot and the man at the shop actually recommended the laser printer (around $100) to me after I kept returning to buy Inkjet cartridges. It has been a considerable saving.

    • yes, yes and yes. keeping up to date each week is my priority! ahead in 1 subject and need to update the printer too as each cartridge is $27 or so and they don’t last long! thank you for the tips!

      • Charlotte E says:

        I suggest buying generic ink cartridges rather than the branded ones. I saved myself a fortune as I prefer to print articles rather than read them online. After completing my Masters of Teaching online whilst raising my children I have this year begun working as a full time teacher (I did relief and a 2 day a week contract for 2 years after graduating). It is hard work with young children, costly with full time daycare expenses and I have very little, if any, ‘me’ time (with essentially losing a day of my weekend to admin and class prep) but I really love having my own class and being able to help my students learn and grow. I am in a special ed setting so every achievement is all the more heartwarming for me and I find myself learning alongside my students 😀 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  2. Hi Corrie – yippee skippee! I was just about to say buy a laser printer too(bugger for colour now but i just do it at uni or a stationery shop) – bought one 2 weeks ago and it has changed my life after ditching the ink jet! My tips – never, ever ask for an extension for an assignment, unless you *really* have to – it just makes things worse; let the housework go if you have to; share resources/readings (extra) on-line; no question asked is stupid; ditch tv watching; get groceries delivered; don’t leave things to the last moment as there will be a disaster; BACK UP assignments or put them in the cloud!! have fun !

  3. Hi Corrie,

    Well done on the return to study and for pursuing a passion in education.

    I can highly recommend the Open Universities Australia course ‘Preparing for Academic Writing’. It is a short course (a few weeks), but fantastic for returning to study as it gives you a complete refresher on essay writing, referencing and more. I enrolled online and felt a lot more confident at the completion to tackle study once again.

    All the best with it!

  4. TheOloja says:

    Thank you, Marette!

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