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So much has been happening here and I’ve been so busy in real life that the blog has been neglected. End of the school year always kills me and this year has been no exception. I’ve been getting assessments, reviews, getting reports written, going to end of year events and trying to have everything done before the start of a new school year. We’ve had such a good year and I did start this term thinking I’d still have 2 homeschoolers next year but things have changed.

About the start of term 4 things started to go downhill in a lot of ways for homeschooling our littlest one. And my emotions (and I’m usually very happy go lucky) were going downhill too. Everything kind of snowballed and I realised we needed more support.I had a meeting with a lady I know and trust who had run a few courses I’ve attended before and a school was suggested. We managed to get a spot and then had another updated IQ test. Thank goodness we moved into a lower ID diagnosis which is where I thought she really should have been.

Thankfully it now gives us more options that we didn’t have before and it gives more funding for the special school and hopefully NDIS. That’s been a whole other issue as I realised that things weren’t done properly and things I’d been told by the planner weren’t correct. This was very stressful and taking up a lot of my thoughts as I’ve always wanted to make sure we are accessing what we can for her. I now have someone helping me with this and am armed with lots of reports that the previous planner didn’t want to take. A new blog post is coming on that one next year! We’ve used up all our funds in 6 months but that was my plan to see how long it lasted. If you have an under 7 or over 7 and are going through the planning process please feel free to contact me.

So we visited the new school, she had her orientation and loved it. We caught her skipping to the bathrooms and she’s desperate for some little friends. She starts at a little special school next year, closer to home, we’ve talked about what she needs and how she needs girls who are more verbal than her and good role models and to avoid the situation and class dynamics we had at the start of this year. I like that they put the girls together and that it’s small.

I still love homeschooling because you know exactly where your kids are at with their work and can help them so much. You don’t have to teach a crowded curriculum and can give them lots of time to be kids. My views on homeschooling haven’t changed and in fact my kids who are at school and have been homeschooled love school 50/50. They know you can’t beat the work they do at home as it’s tailored just for them and they are challenged. Both my twins have been doing year 4 maths at home before they start year 4 and we’ve agreed to keep up the maths and english at home until high school. We have had an amazing year homeschooling year 3 and I have a budding crafter and artist on my hands who is looking forward to the swimming carnival, choir and piano lessons and making more friends. She’s had an amazing 1 1/2 years at home and this was someone who refused to go to school!

So I’m excited and a little sad. But at the end of the day there just isn’t enough support for me at home to keep doing it 24/7. We will keep up our tutoring, are starting a home program and keeping up our speech therapy each week. She does cheer lessons early every sunday morning and will compete at cheer competitions, continue her gymnastics class every friday and swimming every sunday. We are excited to see her grow and develop even more and I’m still amazed when I look at the gains she’s made this year.

People have been asking what are you going to do with yourself! Well I’ll be driving everyone around (always driving!), I’ll be enjoying some time with the baby, I’d like to go to weekday mass at least once a week as that has been impossible all year, I’d like to have a bit more time to get on top of household jobs and I look forward to homeschooling again in the future. I also look forward to helping more at school which I haven’t been able to do. And I’ll be missing them because I won’t have my little entourage with me all day, every day and they’ve been great company.


  1. Such big changes for all of you. Sorry to hear you got a bit overwhelmed with everything during the year. Just remember that each day you are teaching your children whether at home or at school and don’t ever feel that you’ve “failed”. I hope the year ahead brings support in all the areas you need it the most. Keep being the awesome mother you are to your little tribe!

  2. Lovely to catch up on what’s happening with schooling for your girls. We had high school orientation this week and it’s quite overwhelming. Haven’t seen you at swimming for a while but hope to see you in the new year. If you’d like to spend some time connecting with God, consider bringing your littlest ones with to bible study fellowship in Castle Hill on Wednesday mornings. It fits in with school drop offs and the children learn the same lesson as the mums. There are so many lovely mums there.

  3. I think it’s great that you’re looking at what works for your family. It’s the only way – rules don’t always help us!

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