our review of the HandiTheatre Home Outdoor Cinema

We love movies at our house and especially on weekends. Going to the cinemas though does cost us an arm and a leg since there are so many of us and even with the cheapest tickets I expect to pay close to $100 with a popcorn thrown in there. And then the popcorn ends up being thrown around anyway rather than all eaten.

The HandiTheatre Home is an inflatable cinema for your backyard and means you can enjoy the big screen outdoors….without leaving home. The kids thought it was the most exciting thing that had happened in a long time when it came to live at our house. The inflatable screen is 2.5m and putting it together is easy as it comes with an electric pump so it was inflated in no time. You also have ropes that you can attach to pegs if it’s a little windy and you want to keep your screen in place. We used them the first time we set up the screen but didn’t use them the next time. Once it’s inflated the screen stays up which is great and it’s very sturdy so you don’t need to worry about puncturing it.

You also have a projector and a sound bar and the quality of the sound and picture was perfect. You can place the projector in front or behind the screen. We placed it in front of the screen but behind where we were all sitting but some of the kids loved sitting on the other side of the screen to watch it so we might try putting the projector behind next time. For your media you could use a DVD player, tablet, laptop or other device. We used our Apple TV since most of our favourite movies are already on there. Here is our resident technical expert who enjoyed putting it all together.

You need to wait until it starts to get dark to enjoy the movie but we used the time to eat dinner and make snacks before laying out our blankets and then enjoying the movie. And the great thing about being home is that the snacks are all there – we had pizza scrolls, cupcakes and a fruit plate.

And you know what it’s like with kids….first we had to agree on the movie because most wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast but one little girl wanted to watch Angry Birds so Angry Birds it was.

If it looks like rain and you need to change your plans then set up the cinema inside. We had a night watching Boss Baby in the playroom and the kids thought it was lots of fun….until I deflated it the next morning.

I can see a lot of uses for the HandiTheatre Home for families especially with summer coming. I also think it’s great for big families, extended families, having the neighbours over, birthday parties, homeschool groups, class movie nights and more. I’m also thinking it might be the way I can get some of my homeschoolers to watch some more documentaries and interesting movies as part of our studies. You can also play computer games on it so I’m thinking Just Dance will be even more fun outside and on the huge screen. Once you have an outdoor cinema the kids find lots of reasons to get outside and watch a movie and it’s a nice way to spend the night.

A few things that helped make it easier using the HandiTheatre Home for the first time:

  • set up the screen before it gets dark and read the instructions first. It also helps to have a handy husband on hand (or a techhead son) to tell you to turn the sound bar on when you can’t work out why there is no sound coming out. Derrrr.
  • have an extension cord and power board for when you are setting up and running the outdoor cinema. We set this up first and then ran the projector, sound bar and apple TV from the power board with the extension cord attached to our power point outside the garage.
  • You need to find a small table to put the projector on so we found a kitchen stool that was the perfect height for our cinema.
  • The inflatable cinema, projector and sound bar all come with their own sturdy bags so you can store them away safely and in their own black bags until you need them again.

Thank you to Smart Digital for sending out the outdoor cinema for me to review. You can find out more about their outdoor cinema products here and on their Facebook page here. I was not paid for this review but received the HandiTheatre Home to keep. 


  1. that looks like lots of fun !

  2. Anne Zonn says:

    WOW! Will definitely be purchasing one for the Family at Christmas!

  3. Looks like a fun idea if you have a large outdoor area.

  4. That looks really fun and a great idea for Summer!

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