9 baby items I can’t live without + a giveaway

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It’s hard to believe that we’ve had 7 babies in 11 years. And that means we’ve also had a lot of baby stuff in that time. In fact we have a running joke about prams because we’ve had so many prams over the years and I still am on the look out for a pram to suit a new baby and an active just turned 3 year old who always likes to nap or be pushed around the shops sometimes. Some of the items we’ve had over the years have been fabulous, some have been passed on, some have not survived all 7 babies, some things I discovered later on and all of these items below I can’t live without…….


Everything else seems to ride up or down on my skinny baby. Leggings have been a bit hilarious as nothing stays up on her little tummy and skinny legs. I have a real soft spot for old school bonds wondersuits with the little collar and mitts. This winter my little miss has just lived in jumpsuits with cardigans over the top. On really cold days she’ll have a long sleeve tee underneath too just for another layer. If you ever wonder how many layers to dress a baby in then just one extra layer compared to you during the cold weather is a good guide to go by. Also just so you know I gave her wardrobe a good tidy up before I took this photo. I don’t want you to think that I am able to keep it this tidy all the time.

A good baby carrier

I actually use 2 carriers when I have a baby. One is a stretchy wrap that is perfect for use at home and those early weeks. It’s a one size fits all and once you’ve mastered how to put it on you’ll always be using it. I find they are great in winter too as they keep baby nice and warm. Baby doesn’t get ‘lost’ the way they can in a big carrier and they just love to be on you. A little tip with the wrap carriers if you are leaving the house is to tie it all up on yourself before you leave the house. Then when you get to your destination you jump out of the car and put baby in. No trying to wrap the carrier around yourself in a carpark or on the street.

Baby wipes

I wish the Little One’s wipes has been around for years. Super handy for change time and every other time including wiping up spills, cleaning fingerprints from walls and cleaning up before someone comes over. Yes they have many uses. We go through a lot of wipes so the box is very handy and comes with 6 packets of wipes inside.


I only bought a bassinet the first time I bought a baby home from the hospital. As in we detoured via the baby shop to buy one on our way home. I had the cot ready to go but realised while I was in the hospital that my baby was so little and the cot was so big. You can drag the bassinet through the house as you do things. We had one that we used for most of our babies and a few more babies as we passed it on and then it came back to us and it did baby number 6 before it really needed to go out on the council clean up day. I picked up a 2nd hand one used for 1 baby for under $100 and it’s perfect. This one has lights and music and I move the bassinet to outside the shower and that’s how I have a shower each morning. Sometimes if I’m having a longer shower (after a long night of feeding or am washing my hair) then I pop my head out and press the music button again!

Nappies and a well stocked change table

I’ve always had a change table and am on my 2nd one. I like to store some clothes underneath as well as wipes, packets of nappies, creams and baby items. On the top of the change table I keep nappies and wipes and one outfit and a singlet ready to go for those late night changes or when a total change of outfit is required.

You never want to run out of nappies. I usually use a premium brand for the newborn stage and then move on to a supermarket brand. I’ve been using the Little One’s nappies, which are exclusive to Woolworths,  for a few weeks and it’s been a great little nappy. The polka dots are cute and the price is unbeatable at $11. When we had twins these would have been in our shopping trolley every week as we were going through so many nappies it wasn’t funny.

A little tip during pregnancy is to buy a baby item each time you are doing the grocery shop. This could be nappies, wipes, baby wash, baby bottles, creams, towels, singlets and so on. By the time baby arrives you will be well stocked up and you’ve spread out the cost of the items across your pregnancy.

Nappy Bag

When I first bought a nappy bag there wasn’t as much choice as there is now. I bought myself a black nappy bag that my hubby could carry too…how times have changed as this is my current bag. Just a bit too girly for him to carry these days.

I love lots of compartments, a wet bag that you can pop nappies and wipes in, a change mat, bottle carrier and more. You want a longer strap to sling over the pram handle too. A little tip is that I always have the nappy bag topped up the night before. Whenever I leave it to the last minute I usually leave something behind. Also always put your phone, keys and wallet in the same place every time so you’re not digging around while carrying a baby and trying to find your car keys.

Muslin wraps

I have quite a few wraps and there are so many uses…not just wrapping a baby up to sleep. I love them for popping over a pram, quick change mat, over the shoulder to catch baby vomit, playmat, breastfeeding cover up, little blanket and more. They really are good. I have a few good ones that I like to save for when we are going out and a few cheapies and also a few wraps made of knit fabric that are just that bit warmer for winter weather and stretchier too. I also have babies who like to get their arms out of wraps………

Nappy disposal system

Some people put this on the non essential list but when you have a new baby and especially with twins this is a lifesaver.  We’ve had the same unit since 2006 and it’s still going strong. You just load up the refill into the bin, the dirty nappy goes in the top, twist the round bit around which locks off the nappy bag and drops it down into the nappy bin. There is no smell, no nappies in bags floating around, no taking individual nappies in bags out to the bin. I thought it seemed like a good idea before I had my first and have used it ever since.

Baby swing

I always thought baby swings were a OTT and not something essential. Then baby 5 came along and I needed to do things in the morning to get out the door or try to cook dinner. I picked one up second hand. Game changer. Dinner could be made as baby was swinging next to me, I could quickly get kids dressed for school and hair done with baby next to me. You want it to be able to rock itself and play a bit of music or have a mobile but you’ll never regret it. You can pick up a 2nd hand one for about $100 and check it’s in safe working order. We are on our 2nd one and loving it. Also my bigger kids don’t mind giving her a little rock while watching tv while I’m running around doing things. Your little baby might only last a few months in it but trust me you’ll be glad you had one especially if you are looking after other young children. This photo was taken 5 minutes after we walked in the door from the hospital….so many little helpers on hand!

And look how much she’s grown!

And a few little tips I’ve learnt over the years.

  • You can see I’ve picked up a few items 2nd hand but I’m a bit obsessed with safety too. Second hand baby items are a real cost saver BUT product safety standards change, products might not be assembled correctly, it might be broken or not in good condition and it might have been bought overseas and hasn’t passed Australian safety standards. So know what you are buying, make sure it’s in excellent condition and meets current safety standards.
  • When it comes to baby and children’s car seats buying brand new or using one from a trusted family member/friend is recommended as you don’t know the history of the seat. It could have been involved in an accident which will compromise it’s safety in your own car.
  • You can check for recalls of baby and children’s items here and it’s always a good idea to do this before you buy an item. There are currently 1159 items recalled so it’s always worthwhile checking the list first.

And for a bit of fun I have a $150 Woolworths gift card for one lucky reader out there.

All you need to do is tell me 1 item you can’t live without when you have a baby and why…..

Entries close 30th August 2017, I’ll pick one winner and the winner must live in Australia and be over the age of 18. Good luck…….



  1. Naomi Bishop says:

    I don’t know why I didn’t try one before but fast forward to baby #5 and I love my linen baby wrap. That thing evenly distributed the weight and is so comfy from newborn right up to now 7 mths. They can’t outgrow it and it can be tied so many ways. Definitely a must .

  2. I have not been able to live without my Leander Matty change mat – it is soft and waterproof so I can just use some wipes to clean it and not have to worry about those little explosions

  3. Belinda Catt says:

    Corrie, With 4 sons in quick succession the thing that made my life so so much easier was a baby carrier. Being able to have new baby close and safe was exactly what I and baby needed. I did get into the swing of putting the carrier on before getting in the car so that when I arrived at school pickup etc I only then had to place baby in. Belinda.

  4. I couldn’t live without my babies dad, Aunty & nanny!! Not purely baby items but definitely lifesavers in the newborn game!

  5. I loved my sling ! Having a child who would not let me put him down without screaming it became my lifesaver

  6. Hi Retromummy
    In addition to your list, i would like to add Breastpump. I was determined to BF but my lil one latch left me blistered and bleeding. Less feeding sessions(due to pain) led to drop in supply. It was Breastpump that made me continue pumping and feeding her. Eventually we left pump and continued bfing directly. If that option was not available then i would not have been able to Breastfeed her until 9 months. So there…. my imp thing in the motherhood journey !

  7. Nicole Lizzio says:

    I love our Bugaboo Donkey. It converts from a single to a double pram easily. The seats can face forward or backward. It has a capsule attachment and a good sized basket underneath. It’s lightweight to push. Worth every cent we paid for it!

  8. I used cloth nappies for all three of my babies and the silicone ‘y’ clip used to fasten the nappy was what I just couldn’t live without, meant I didn’t have to use nappy pins and possibly hurt my baby. It just so happens that my eldest born 24 years ago today. Hope that clip is still available today.

    • I also used cloth nappies & also used the silicone y clip. What a life saver in not having to worry about pricking tiny babies with pins. I am sure they are still available now. My youngest is 11.

  9. Terry cloth nappy squares! So many uses – burp cloth, cleaning up other explosions, dribble cloth – we’ve used them so much, my little one has adopted a square as her comfort snuggly for bed!

  10. Linda Cefai says:

    Ok my babies are in their 20s but I think these are still relevant – very old fashioned but I could not live without face cloths/flannels and yes they had crochet edging which I firmly believe increased their longevity, improve their looks and can be matched to baby colours. I put them under baby if I changed nappy in pram or bassinet, used as burp cloths, under head if sweaty or after bath, wash cloth in bath, bottle leaking or sweating? Face cloth. Have made some for new family member recently and mum says she uses them constantly. ❤️ sometimes old fashioned can still be relevant

  11. Tracy McKenzie says:

    A thermos would be one of my essential baby items. I always carry a thermos of hot water in the car when we go anywhere, so I can easily heat up a bottle no matter where I am. 😊😊

  12. Linda Cefai says:

    OK my babies are in their 20s and this item is old fashioned but still very relevant. Face cloths/flannels and yes I crocheted the edging (improves their appearance and the longevity)
    I used them daily as burp cloths, under bottoms for quick changes in bassinet or pram, wipe up small messes or to wipe bottles that are leaky. Wet them and froze them and older kids took to sport in esky to wipe face if hot. As kids got older they could still use them in bath. I also obviously used them in bath. I made a set recently for a new baby and mum says she uses them constantly.

  13. What a helpful list and lovely giveaway! I really could not live without my boomerang pillow for help with sleep in the final stages of pregnancy, and then for making breastfeeding a bit easier and comfortable once baby is here! Xx Emily

  14. Dianne Whittle says:

    It would have to be the baby sling. I can’t believe how I lived without when. My babies were content if they were close to me so when I was doing housework it was the only way I get anything done with a fussy baby. Hubby loved wearing it and carrying th babies in it when he went out shopping. Seems it’s such a novelty for a Dad to carry his baby like this -who knew? He loved that chance to have the baby so close to him, and I secretly think he loved all the attention he got from people wanting to look at our daughter and tell him how wonderful he was carrying her like that. I never quite got the same reaction.

  15. I can not live without my Baby Breeza that I received as a gift. It makes the babies milk in a minute. All you need to do to make the bottle is put the formula and water in the machine and then press a button. Warm milk goes straight into the bottle. No measuring milk or warming bottle up yourself. The machine does everything for you.

  16. Marleisa Connors says:

    My feeding pillow! For some reason I’m just not coordinated e bough to feed without one. I’ve just had my second and even took it to the hospital with me as I knew I would need it.

  17. Georgea Nunes says:

    Baby wipes would have to be my super essential item. My not so babies are 14,11& 7 and believe me I still buy wipes. We use them everyday, in their soccer bags, school bags, in our car. I always carry them everywhere we go. I still love going to the baby section in the supermarket and look at all the baby goodies and grab my super essential wipes that we can’t live without 😊

  18. Katherine says:

    My babies are all teenagers now, but having 3 under 2 in cloth nappies, I loved my nappy buckets! I had 3 in various stages of soaking ready to be washed in my twin tub washing machine. One by the change table and 2 in the laundry! Also the y clip to do nappies up was an essential too. My sister is having her first baby soon and I would give this voucher to her.

  19. Sarah Prosser says:

    My must have is my ergo. My baby refused to be anywhere other then my arms until she was 8 weeks old. Wouldn’t go on her play mat or in the pram or in her swing. It saved my life and sanity. She’s just turned one and we still use it daily.

  20. It’s important to note that baby seats do expire, even if they’ve never been in an accident.

    I’m glad you mentioned the Safety Standards. Not enough people follow that rule.

  21. Mum of 7 grownups, nanny of 17 grandbabes. I’d say baby wipes is the one thing I can’t do without. For cleaning bottoms, faces and hands, marks on the TV, walls, floors and even sponging clean their/my clothes after food related mishaps, wet wipes have a zillion uses when you are surrounded by little people :) <3

  22. Renee Ballantyne says:

    Huggies baby wipes for sure as they’re tough durable and multipurpose

  23. A big stack of terry cloth nappies. I’ve had 5 very refluxy babies and those dainty little burp cloths that go over your shoulder never cut it with my little chuckers.

  24. The old style terry cloth flat nappy! Not only was it a great backup nappy when all my other modern cloth nappies were still drying (newborn in a Canberra winter!!) but I use them as burp cloths, any other spill cloths, change mats, leaking boobie at night mats, sun shades in the car and I’m sure so many more uses!
    A close second would be my baby carrier. Invaluable when you have 2 under 2, especially when no. 1 breaks their leg!!

  25. I have baby number 1 arriving in 6 weeks and so far I can’t live without my family (my husband, mum and sister in particular) have been such a HUGE support so far.

  26. Emma Sparnon says:

    I can’t live without coffee.
    I’d go insane without my daily dose
    It keeps me going
    Without it I’d be morose.

  27. Bronwyn Horan says:

    For me it was a microwave bottle steriliser, unfortunately I didn’t have a good enough milk supply so my daughter was bottle fed. The steriliser was quick and convenient, it could be taken on holidays as pretty much all accommodations have microwaves. if I had been out all day and no clean bottles left I could wash up & sterilise bottles quickly.

  28. This is such a great post, Corrie. My must-have items are a bouncer and a sling. I wouldn’t be without them….especially during the witching hours when it seems like everyone is screaming at once and dinner needs to be served! x

  29. You’re list is pretty comprehensive Corrie! I would have to say other than what has already been mentioned that nappy San would be a must have and i still buy it today for stain removal. Even when you don’t use cloth nappies, there are always those pooplotions! Stains are also a given with babies and children (or adults here in our house)

  30. Susan Mitterman says:

    A decent sling! My husband had a Manduca he loved and I had a Beco Butterfly. We used them for hours a day comfortably and couldn’t live without them!!!

  31. For those early weeks and months, our car baby capsule was a godsend! It clicked into the base in the car & then straight out into the pram – so easy & meant we didn’t disturb the baby when moving her to & fro. Sometimes, if she was asleep in the capsule even when we got home, it was just very easy to plonk her down in the loungeroom & let her nap for a bit. SO GOOD!

  32. Susan Holmes says:

    Can’t live without the cloth nappy squares! They clean up mess, they provide a quick pram liner, they shade the car seat from the window and of course act as the shoulder drop cloth!!

  33. Susan Mitterman says:

    My daughter didn’t mind it either 😉

  34. Khrissy Riley says:

    Most definantly my ring sling , spent many an hour carrying a baby while still being able to see to other kids and housework :)

  35. Baby swing for sure, it has been my saving grace so many times for 5 babies and looking forward to using it again for #6 🙂Enjoyed your post Corrie, thank you!

  36. Ab Sayers says:

    It’s an odd one but LIFX light globes and phone app!
    I can turn lights off, on and dim from my phone!! It is great for feeding at night. I can turn on the light from bed, feed the baby in the low light without any of us waking fully.
    My Husband brought them home after a trip to the hardware shop while I was pregnant. I thought it was a waste of money. Now that we have our baby I really can’t live without it!! It will be my go to baby present!

  37. blake haugen says:

    When my son was born,
    Nan made him a blankey
    A little teddy face, peeking.
    Cured the cries and sobs
    comforting him to sleep.
    Nan has passed now, but that blankey still seems to make its way into my sons bed, who is now 5.

  38. I couldn’t live without my baby carriers! I also like a soft wrap for the newborn stage, then we move onto the Ergo. I’ve had a few velcro babies that wouldn’t be put down, and I’d never have got anything done without wearing my babies.

  39. Steph Mackenzie says:

    I could not have lived without my baby carrier at all!

  40. I would have to say baby wipes. They are great for so many things & I have multiple packets all over the house, in the car & also in the nappy bag. I always buy them in bulk so we never run out.

  41. It isn’t something that everyone has access to, and I don’t know if I can call her an “item” but I’m blessed enough to say I can’t live without my mom when I have a baby.

    My parents live in the US and whenever I have a baby (the count being 2) they make the sojourn over to Australia to help.

    My mom cooks, cleans, and tends to baby as only a “halmuhnee (grandma)” can. She makes me traditional post birth Korean soup that just hits the spot and brings me water when I’m breastfeeding and suddenly feel like I could drain a dam.

    It is really hard being away from my parents most of the time, but I am so blessed to say that my mom is able to stay for 4 weeks (using all her annual leave from work) to come and help when I’ve had a baby. I can’t wait until 21 Sept when they arrive.

    And I’m not saying my relationship with my mom is perfect, but there is just something about having a child in a “foreign” country that makes me understand her more and makes me realise how strong and brave she is for having done it back when she was a new immigrant in the US when she had my brother and I without the help of family.

  42. Saline nose spray, for when they get that first cold and can’t sleep due to a stuffy nose.

  43. I am a foster mum and have had many babies through my house. Current baby is 9 months old and tiny. She was a prem. I could not live without my large Emmalunga pram. I can take it anywhere in the house and do things while rocking a fractious baby to sleep. That pram is beautifully sprung and the bassinet top is larger than most newer prams today. I can browse facebook while using my foot to rock the baby. I can eat dinner while rocking the baby. baby falls asleep in it when we walk the dog in the park each day. We call it the magic pram. All my foster babies get rocked in it and so did my grandsons all 4 of them. My daughters would come over and say R has not slept today he needs a nap in the magic pram. Like you Corrie I have had many prams. But this one is a keeper. We have another for the car although the magic pram folds down well for the car as well.

  44. Charlotte B says:

    Our baby carrier so you can wear baby and get a few things done around the house whilst keeping them happy.

  45. Gabriella H says:

    A bouncer – my son napped in his and spent a lot of his awake time in it for the first five months.

  46. Burp cloths!!

    As well as most things on your list, especially a baby carrier, I’ve had these since my first (about to have number six) and have found them very useful. Also cloth nappies are really handy to have.

  47. Laura Flanagan says:

    My first 2 were very spewy babies so I loved the old school cloth nappies. They were a life-saver for when we were out of the house 😀 I too love the woolies nappies and think I have a packet of wipes in every bag, in the car and on the kitchen bench!

  48. Roberta de la Torre says:

    The number 1 baby item that I could not live without would be a really good pram that is light and easy to push and not bulky. I bought the ICandy twin pram which is a slimline pram, stylish and very versatile and especially when you have twins like myself.

  49. I can’t love without the ‘love to dream’ swaddle suits. They keep baby nice and snug and no escapes! Both my babies slept for super long stretches in these.

  50. Jade Williams says:

    Mine is definitely baby wipes! I never realised how much I needed baby wipes in my life until I had a baby. I use them for everything!

  51. Thouraya Battye says:

    I loved my baby sling! So easy to get things done but stay close and connected!

  52. I couldn’t live without my glider chair. I didn’t have it for baby #1 and I looked like a mental patient rocking back and forth! Made life with #3 so much easier.

  53. I think a gro bag is invaluable. It stops covers from being kicked off leaving baby cold, and no risk of her shuffling down under blankets.

  54. Laura Sharp says:

    Nail clippers! I have had them since my son was born and 2 years on I’m still trimming his nails once or twice a week! I was always too scared to use my teeth haha

  55. Karen Edwards says:

    We can’t live without our baby capsule its been a life saver with baby number 4 making school drop off and pick up a breeze and i can even head to the shops after drop off some mornings as he sleeps like an angel in there. Daddy doesn’t like the visits to the shop too much after he see’s the bank balance…. Oops!! theres just too many cute baby things 😉

  56. Phil and Teds buggy. Newborn snugly on the underside of the toddler seat. Sounds weird but awesome lifesaver. Newborn seat converts so baby sits up at rear and can see the world when it’s ready 😀 Or in my case both toddlers rode in it most of the time while baby sat in the sling. But no one ever got away lol.

  57. I can’t live without my stretchy wrap carrier- perfect for around the house and out and about. My youngest is 16 months now but she’s still often carried!

  58. The item I can’t live without is definitely my Deluxe Mombo nursing pillow! It gets used so many times each day (while breastfeeding my little one), and it makes the whole breastfeeding experience soooo much easier for bub and myself :)

  59. Oh gosh, my baby days are long over now, but my absolute essential was my Ergo carrier….that thing was *life* during my baby days!

  60. Karina Lee says:

    Wet wipes. I can’t live without them, I have a packet in every room and in every bag!

  61. Oh my I love all of your 9 items but the one thing I couldn’t have a baby without was a curved-pillow…it helped me feed my babies and cuddle them esp after having a CS and before they were born, keep me comfortable in the last few months. Loved my UPillow!

  62. OzKnitter says:

    Burp cloths. The bigger the better!

  63. Carol Lee says:

    Baby Wipes, even hubby says do you have them in your bag I need one.

  64. Hi Corrie! You may want to check out Redsbaby for a pram which suits a newbie and toddler. We have one for our two kids and it is fantastic – plus it transforms into a two seater when the newbie is ready to sit up too. Nice and light and easy to pop in the boot.

    I have found having an electric pump on hand a lifesaver! It has helped to keep my milk supply up, and has allowed dad to do the late night feed (so I can go to bed a bit earlier). Would highly recommend! There are often sales, and picking one up second hand is also an option (you just need to sterilise it).

    Thanks for your posts, love your blog!

  65. Lansinoh. I probably don’t have to explain why! I love that cream (and am very grateful to the manufacturers) and usually gift it to all new mums that I know.

  66. Isobelle carlton says:

    Stretchy baby swaddles…I found muslin too hard to get tight so stretchy ones get a nice snug wrap that others don’t :-)

  67. I could not live without the dummy! Once my babies started to use the dummy it was attached to them so I could just pop it in their mouth to soothe them and not annoy everyone else! You know how it is, when there’s a newborn screaming down the shops and you’re trying to shush them and everyone is staring at you.

  68. nappies, for sure. lol.

    as to baby wipes, i have long since stopped buying the commercial ones when i saw this mother DIY hers. she uses viva paper towels (cut in half and placed inside a container with lid). what she does is, she adds a tablespoon of coconut oil and a bit of baby bath soap to a cup of hot water and just pour it in, making sure every bit of the paper towel is soaked. i highly recommend it!

  69. Rebekah Ballingall says:

    A bassinet with wheels so that your sleeping baby can follow you around the house without worrying if they are ok

  70. Louise Shirley says:

    I loved the ergo cocoon swaddle. My daughter was prem and getting her to sleep when she first came home was a nightmare! We tried the ergo cocoon and it transformed her sleeping. We could be out and about and as soon as we put her in the swaddle she knew it was time for sleep. Now #2 is on the way, we will be using the ergo cocoon again!

  71. While not a marketed ‘baby item’, the one product I found super helpful and cleared nappy rash was good old cornflour. A dusting of cornflour on my babies nappy area worked a treat and better than leading brands. Not only is it safe – it’s so so cheap to buy at the supermarket!!

  72. Mum of six here… bubs is 5mths.. and i cant live without BIBS.. lots and lots of handmade ones here… life savers for the projectile vomits!!! Saved me an outfit or two 😁

  73. I would definitely have to say baby wipes. They’re almost like a necessity even without a bub aha. I loose count of how many times during the day I need some, so for me they’re a real life saver.

  74. Flat cloth nappies. I use them for everything. They go on top of the change mat cover to save changing the cover as frequently, burp cloths, tucked over the bassinet sheet under where baby’s head lies to catch small spills, and when I was feeding my first using a supply line would catch any leaks of formula. So much easy to wash, and saved multiple changes of sheets, change mat covers and clothes!

  75. The one thing I couldn’t live without since having my baby is my sister. Although not an item, my sister has been there every step of the way. She’s been an amazing help and treats him like her own!

  76. Muslin wraps are a must! It’s my favourite baby shower gift for first time mums as so many don’t realise how useful they will be. So many times I have had friends say to me months later “I didn’t think I would use those wraps you gave me but they have ended up being so handy!”

  77. Love to Dream swaddle sleeping bags – they are brilliant! My son was cozy and comfortable but felt so secure that he slept heaps better in the LTD swaddles. What’s more, it helped create a sleep association- when we put him in his swaddle, he knew it was bed time! When his new baby brother is big enough, we’ll be using them for him as well!

    PS – we love the Little One’s wipes too – buy them by the boxful! Good quality, great price and don’t give my boys nappy rash!

  78. Dimmer switches! It’s not easy stumbling around sleep deprived in the dark and it’s no fun with a baby that’s suddenly wide awake because the lights are on. Or the toddler and big kid who see a light on and decide it must be time to start the day! My must-have.

  79. Not for little newborns but the stokke Tripp trapp has been well worth what we paid for it.

    Easy to clean, adapts from little baby, to toddler, to preschooler, to child. Easy to adjust, gives your child the freedom to climb into their own chair and sit at the perfect height for them at the table. Its certainly has lasted the longest of any other baby purchase (the bassinet is long gone!). Used every day, so it’s a very practical item too.

  80. I have a capsule that can transfer from the car straight to the pram. It is a lifesaver – my little girl sleeps really well in the car and being able to move her to the pram without waking her means I can get things done so much faster and easier.

  81. After 4 out of my 5 babies having reflux I couldn’t live without Dr Browns baby bottles…. they made such a massive difference due to bubs not swallowing much air when feeding. Expensive but worth every cent

  82. I discovered a Moby wrap with my last baby (who turned 3 a fortnight ago – sob!!). So versatile, and great for when on holidays and just can not get the pram to fit into the car along with everything else.

    For toddlers – I love the cups that Coles sell with the straw attached to the side of the cup. It can’t be pulled out, which minimises so many spills! And they are around 3 for $2 – winning!!

    • Also with same baby – towels. In the end, we didn’t bother with baby blankets in the pram, we just went with towels. Warm, light, absorbent (he had reflux), variety of colours, cheap – awesome!!

  83. I too loved bodysuits for winter and summer and a hand knit cardy to match and that was 22 and 14 years ago lol.i love seeing your little girl in her beautiful outfits.

  84. It would be the dummy for me – it’s saved me so many times.

  85. Deidre Turner says:

    I can’t live without a good baby carrier. When my youngest was born I had 2yo twins to chase and I needed my hands free to kid wrangle!

  86. Eva Kiraly says:

    A bed to fall into whenever you can :)

  87. Alyce McGillivray says:

    With our first baby on the way, and a daddy who works away. Hearing what’s essential from a mumma who’s knowledgeable is a real life saver, for us I think it will be our bassinet on wheels so baby can go wherever I go!

  88. The Baby Monitor, so I can do visual checks whilst doing other chores around the house even though physical checks on a regular basis are more important

  89. Paw paw ointment and curash a perfect combination for the inevitable nappy rash.

  90. K Lorraine Woodman says:

    There are some great ones here. Mine is terry cloth nappies. Great for spew rags and burbank clothes, make shift change mats. And push comes to shove, a nappy too haha.

  91. Muslim wraps are awesome, the one thing as a first time mother I needed was a digital thermometer, always worrying about temperatures, this was a god-send and still is….

  92. Rebekah Wade says:

    I’ve just had baby number 5. The one thing I’ve not opted to live without is a Big W baby bouncer. No music, no vibration, just a comfortable seat that I can put bubs in and carry out to the kitchen while I make dinner or the clothesline while hanging the washing. I think it takes a seasoned mum to identify with some of the things you have said above but I laughed at how similar our essential things are….like $11 dotty nappies that I didn’t discover until my twins were older. We currently have 5 under 6 and I have the minimalist approach because after the twins, I felt I was drowning in baby stuff.

  93. SARAH LARKIN says:

    For me I would say a big handbag…. I have 5 kids and it’s my lifesaver…. I always have 2 changes of clothes, Formula, a bottle, nappies, a light muslin wrap, wipes, a dummy and even for the older kids I have a snack, tissues, hair tie and bandaids. I have a pocket diary that also stays in there as my brain because of all the appointments meetings and things to do list.
    I also think my padded bra is a must have as i often forget to put breast pads on and with it being padded it disguises any seepage that i may have if im out and about close to feed time and my boobs start to tingle.

  94. Jennifer B. says:

    My iPad!
    Music while I feed, answers to all my questions on forums and FaceTime to stay connected with friends and family!

  95. Jade Conran says:

    A capsule !! A lifesaver with all winter babies. So hanging for doing the school run with lots of little ones !!!! : )

  96. Ohhh how to choose. I think it’s a toss up between a white noise app- which I have used for over four years and counting for daytime naps. Blocks out the pesky dog barks, motorbike screeches and so on.

    My other essential is desitin nappy rash cream. It is magnifique!

  97. The stretchy baby wrap.
    Wriggly babies arms stay wrapped up.
    Babies feel safe but they can move very much like in the uterus.
    I’m pregnant now and will be buying a few new ones before Bub is born.

  98. Lauren Flemming says:

    Our baby swing is a life saver, first time mum to twins and having that swing helps when I only got one pair or arms but two babies need rocking!

  99. I loved my bouncinette for the same reason you love your swing. I remember rocking my baby with one leg sidways while the other faced the stove. Probably safer than it sounds because I was the only one there and she was not in front of the stove.

  100. So beautiful

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