lottie’s baptism

Tomorrow our little lottie will be 3 months old! Time flies when you’re getting no sleep and looking after a teeny little baby. I don’t know where it’s gone. I do know that we had a beautiful day for her Baptism a few weeks ago.

It was a bit of a funny day too. Trying to get out of the house dressed nicely is always a big task these days and on this day we needed to be out before 9.30, leave a nice clean house for when people came back from church with us. Housework has just been killing me lately, it’s so hard to keep on top of it (same goes for laundry). So I had the house cleaned for me the day before and made sure everyone kept it clean until the next day. I had everyone’s outfits organised and out a few days before. I had bought myself a new dress and then decided I didn’t like it on me so wore the same dress I’d worn for the last baptism a few years ago.

On the day I had a time plan and made everyone stick to it. Somehow we made it out of the house but I forgot a bottle just in case she needed it. I’d made it…just forgot to take it. We made it through the service which was pretty amazing considering we were sitting in the front row and the younger members of our family seem to play up every sunday. Her names were muddled up a few times and Mary was left out totally (thankfully her certificate is correct) but she was a dream baby (after I’d ducked off to the side to feed her 5 minutes into the service).

We had lunch catered which was probably the best thing I did to make things easy. The food was amazing and we had leftovers so I was giving away little containers of food to our guests as they headed home and still had a fridge full of food. I had a table all set up outside with tablecloths for the food but we ended up just serving it inside.

My chippy monster found his happy place…..

The candy buffet was easy to put together thanks to our great party store nearby and they did the balloons too.  I made the mistake of giving the receipt to my hubby to collect the balloons who then came home and questioned how much we’d spent at the shop on lollies, plates and things. It’s  easy to get carried away there! Next time I’ll do the balloons on a separate receipt to avoid questions. And the beautiful Lottie name in Liberty is from Planet Joy who does such a beautiful job. We treasure the names we have.

And the cake was our favourite continental cake. Unfortunately one side of it got squashed while it was transported to our house but it just added to all of the little things that happened that day. We’ll never forget it.

And after all of that I now need to get cracking with the twin’s First Holy Communion in less than a month.


  1. It sounds like a lovely day, she is such a sweetie

  2. You do everything so beautifully, you remind me so much of my own mum,and the beautiful memory’s she created for us growing up💕💕💕

  3. So many beautiful kids, what family and childhood memories you are making, the mishaps make the life adventures richer

  4. So beautiful Corrie. Love how you keep it real. So glad the day went well, despite the mishaps. xx

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