2 months today

That’s gone quickly…….2 months old. We are in the middle of Baptism preparations this week and I’ve given myself the week to totally transform my house from cluttered mess to beautiful welcoming home. Let’s hope we get there. We have so many appointments and sporting activities this week so I hope it’s not a last minute rush. Oh what am I saying of course it will be……..

Our Lottie is a very sweet little baby and pretty easy going. Especially considering she has to go in and out of the car umpteen times a day. She loves to smile and has just started making very sweet baby cooing noises which I love. She doesn’t like being put down and I know that once I do put her down and walk away to start a job that I’ll hear a little crying coming soon. So the sling has come in handy and like most mums I do a lot of things one handed.

Life is still pretty crazy with a 2 year old (and 6 year old) ruling the house. Tantrums and behaviour always seem to get worse when mum is busy with a new baby but they aren’t as bad as the first few weeks. So we’re grateful for that. Toilet training has not gone well and I really want it to happen so he can join the little room at preschool for just turned 3 year olds next month. So fingers crossed he gets it and I don’t forget that we’re toilet training and then realise when I have a wet toddler on my hands. Jeans and all.

Dinner is still in the slowcooker most nights and if it’s not in the slowcooker then the whole dinner, bath and bed routine just falls apart. We’ve had some ‘creative’ meals where I’ve just chucked everything in and hoped for the best. And because the kids have been loving the sausage casserole I’ve been doing and my little girl calls it hot dog soup and asks for it every day! I’m using sausages and not hot dogs…every time she says it I have visions of pink soup with hot dogs cut up in there. Tonight was chicken and chorizo casserole but I also dumped in some macaroni to cook for the last 15 minutes and it was delicious (and time saving!).

So that’s life. Still busy. We’re just waiting for our new van to be finalised and that’ll be a great day because it means we can travel together as a family of 9 and not in 2 cars which we are now doing. Well actually it’s only really sundays for church that we all go together. We’re getting the VW Caravelle since we’ve been happy with the multivan for so long. There isn’t much choice when you outgrow the 8 seaters  we turned the 7 seater multivan into an 8 seater when baby number 6 came along), there aren’t many 9 seaters on the market and after that you’re just in hiace territory and that wasn’t on hubby’s list of dream cars. So caravelle it is.



  1. Great choice with the Caravelle, I absolutely love mine and the kids at school line up for a ride whenever we carpool for school events. It’s a real novelty for kids whose parents drive a small car.
    Lottie is so gorgeous and growing so fast. Good luck with your Baptism preparations.

    • oh good so glad to hear that you love yours, it’s only 40cm longer than the multivan so I’m not too worried about the size but just can’t wait to have more room and easy access as it’s a bit squashy in ours with 2 bench seats in!

  2. Lovely pics, gorgeous bubby. Love the magic square blanket– I love knitting those- so easy and calming. They hold their shapes so well too.

    • Thank you:) Yes the blanket is going so well here but I did get a bit stuck knitting it when I thought I’d never finish it but it’s so nice and warm and in fact I think it’s the warmest of the blankets because it’s all garter stitch. We have another big garter stitch blanket that we won in a raffle but unfortunately the kids played tug of war with it so I need to seam up some of the squares :)

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