weekend in a sunny garden

Well the garden has been full of surprises since I’ve been spending so much time inside caring for a little baby. I walked out there this morning and couldn’t believe how many flowers there were!

There are just flowers everywhere and the fruit trees have so much fruit we did 2 sessions of picking. The grapefruit tree is our biggest and we’re not grapefruit fans so I’ve got a box full to take to church tomorrow and that’s just for starters.

We have 2 orange trees and they are usually the last to get really sweet but we have no shortage or oranges! I liked when we played netball and were on oranges duty as we just used our own!

The mandarins are just perfect and much bigger this year so we’ve been enjoying them as we pick them but now we need daddy to get up there and also get a ladder and get the ones at the top. They’re so sweet and perfect to eat right now. The kids ask me to come over and help them but at 5ft myself I’m not really much of a help!

And because I’ve neglected my lemon tree with just a few picked each week we have some really big ones that will be great in lemon delicious. While we were picking we had our littlest member of the family out getting some fresh air. It’s just been so cold and we’ve been indoors so often lately. When I had my first baby and then the twins I tried to get out for walks whenever I could but it’s a bit hard with my big entourage to get out there and go for a big walk.

Chester our labradoodle is now the size of a horse, well almost, and he loves having someone to play with. He’s like a race horse when he runs around the backyard and is not so little. We had been told he was medium but there is nothing medium about him. He is now 18 months old and lots of fun for the kids and no longer knocks over the 2 year old when he bounds by. We had to make him an outdoor dog as he’s just too big to be in the back part of our little house anymore and he’s had a nice warm coat for winter nights. And I have to get back to dog training each week because he doesn’t listen to me only my hubby. I was going to dog training each week and then fell pregnant and didn’t have the energy then my tummy got too big and we’ll be back soon and get him listening to me. Well that’s the plan.

I’m feeling much happier after that time in the sun. Well that and I watched north and south again last night and had to get right to the end to see one of the best endings ever. Again. Now I might get back to reading the book again since I have so much couch time on my hands. I started reading it then passed it on to grandma then I bought another of Gaskell’s books and passed that on to her too so I’ll get back into north and south and then do the other book.

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