we survived the first month

Well our miss lottie is now 1 month old. It’s been tough getting back into life with a newborn again but somehow it’s the 2, 4 and 6 year old that make life just that bit harder rather than a new baby. It’s trickier to deal with the 2 yo tantrums too when you’re wearing a baby or trying to get her back to sleep. But then I think back to life with 3 under 3 and remember that it was back then that was really hard. Thankfully, we’re just starting to get into school holidays and having the extra hands on deck at home is great. I had my big girl vac downstairs for me today and the other girl was tidying up toys. I’m using my washer and dryer around the clock and then every weekend it’s a team effort to get clothes folded and put away. My twins make their First Reconciliation tonight and my son’s trousers are in the dryer as I write this so I’m a bit last minute with everything but we’re getting there.

On the homeschool front we’re continuing to work through the holidays but at an easier pace so we can get everything done. I also have to write their first semester reports so will get that done and I like to check everything off and make sure their portfolios and book work are all up to date (and marked) so that we go into 2nd semester on top of everything. I also have to move our homeschool room as we’re putting a wood fired heater in our fireplace so are going to move everything into the playroom so we can put some couches and enjoy sitting in front of the new fire.

We are loving using the slow cooker for dinner most nights. The house smells great and I don’t need to worry about finding time to cook when everything is crazy at 4 or 5 o’clock at night.

Lottie is a very sweet baby, she’s a bit too used to being carried everywhere and held and I think I might need to start wrapping her up and putting her down for naps before it’s too late and she wants to be carried everywhere. Not that I’ll mind too much since we all just adore her and there is nothing nicer than sitting on the couch with a warm little baby on you. To pass the time while breastfeeding I’ve been reading the book Silence (it’s so good), discovering episodes of Shetland on netflix (also so good) and telling children to grab things or help one of the little kids.

We’ve been trying to get back to regular things like the shops and church. Again it’s not the new baby that’s trickier it’s managing everyone else. I’ve done the craft show which was lots of fun (yay to being back at darling harbour).

And we did a big first holy communion on Sunday which was gorgeous but seemed to take up the whole day by the time I got everyone dressed and looking lovely and out the door. I wore makeup for the first time in a long time and my dear hubby said I think I prefer it when you wear less makeup! Wrong answer but I had to hide some serious bags under my eyes. I think I get 2-3 hours sleep at the moment and then wake up like a zombie until I’ve  had a coffee. But we are getting there and I’m sure that we’ll be celebrating our baby’s 1st birthday in no time!


  1. You are an inspiration Corrie ❤️
    When life is hard with 3 kids here I always think of you and it seems easier..
    Take care and all the best to 9 (omg!) of you:)))

  2. You are so organized Corrie, and looking at little Lottie makes me wish I had gone back for number 7. She is so beautiful. I always loved that first year.
    When (if) things slow down a bit, you will have to share some of your slow cooker favourites.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    You are a fantastic mother! I just love the suit little Lottie is wearing and the fabric in the bottom photo is gorgeous!

  4. Hey, I hope your twin boy also help at home like your older girls :)
    Lottie is so adorable, like all your kids were and are. Congrats and enjoy as much as possible. Lot of kisses from Spain.

  5. Judith Hogan says:

    Time goes by so fast, and even though things get hectic, you want to remember these days forever. Having a big family definitely has merit, like the older ones looking after the younger ones while you look after the baby. I have four children (adults now) and the oldest is 11 years older than the youngest one. When the baby was small, I always felt I could trust the oldest to babysit much more than I could trust a stranger.

  6. She’s such a beautiful baby!

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