lace cardigan from lullaby knits

I was still finishing this cardigan the night before I went into hospital. I’d finished the knitting on it months ago but just never got around to seaming it up and adding the buttons. And I still need to duck into spotlight and grab some buttons tomorrow to finish this off.

This is the lace cardigan from lullaby knits. I reviewed the book here a while ago on the blog and still love it. It’s a european knitting book (written in english, don’t worry) and I just love the patterns. They’re a bit different and so beautiful. I follow quite a few european knitters on instagram and love their patterns that are never written in english so I kind of feel like I get a taste of their knits….in english with the lullaby knits book.

You have to knit each piece separately but they work up pretty quickly. I used Bendigo 8 ply cotton on 3.5mm needles and turned out nicely, the sizing would be 0-3 months and it’s a bit on the small side which is perfect for my little baby.

Ravelry details are here.


  1. Lottie looks so adorable in her new cardigan! I really like the colour you have used. I looked at your review of the baby knitting book and all the designs look cute. Her blanket is so pretty too, is it knit from Bendigo cotton? Hugs xx

  2. Kristie says:

    Aww Lottie looks adorable, love the cardigan!!

  3. Corrie, hands down for this beautiful cardigan. the color is looking too good on Lottie. I have been following few of the European knitters. Judith and Nicky Epstein are my favorite. I have even knitted their shawl pattern. I will share it with you. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

    Thanks Corrie for sharing the post. Keep blogging


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