Hope this Easter

Well the grocery shop for the Easter weekend is done, I’ve got all the times of services at Church over the next few days, grandma is coming to join us for the weekend, OB appointment was today and everything is ticking along nicely and I just need to clean the house and put my feet up a little over the weekend.

Easter is a big deal for us, a time to reflect and make sacrifices and come back to our faith with a new energy and focus. That’s what it means for me. This Lent we gave up drive thru food which was a big thing for some of the family and I can honestly say that I don’t miss a cheeseburger at all! I’m sure we’re all healthier because of it and my wallet has certainly appreciated giving up that expense. It was a bad habit we had fallen into it and I’m so glad to have broken it and hopefully for good.

I like to write a little message at Easter and Christmas and this year I can look back over the past 12 months since the last Easter and see all of the obstacles and challenges we’ve overcome. The blog and my instagram makes everything look rosy and perfect but of course that’s just a few photos here and there. I’ve always been happy go lucky too and try not to dwell on what troubles us. We’ve had a wonderful year but also had some big decisions to make, some hard financial times as our family gets bigger and expenses just seem to never end. Just when we thought we were getting on top of everything our little guy has to go in for grommits (again!) the week before the baby is due so combined with our expenses for the delivery we’ll have another round of hospital bills. But how grateful we are that we can avoid waiting lists and just get it done so he can hopefully pass hearing tests and improve his speech.

We’ve pulled children out of school, put one back in, pulled another one out and are making big decisions about what to do with another little guy who is due to start school. And just because we’re homeschooling doesn’t mean that it’s a simple decision to have another one at home and take on the responsibility for his education. I’m busy convincing someone that I can do it.

Why am I saying all of this? Because I know that families struggle. Whether it’s financially or emotionally, struggling for time, to put ourselves first, overwhelmed with our responsibility or just wondering when things will get better. Maybe you’re dealing with difficult behaviour from a child, loneliness, poor health, unemployment, a recent diagnosis, a troubled marriage, family tensions or financial troubles. I wanted to assure you that we too have our struggles and we use this time at Easter to pray, hope for the future and be grateful for everything we have. I couldn’t do it alone, I couldn’t be raising my large family if I didn’t think that I had the grace and help from God behind me. I also have a vision of our family as we get older and knowing that everything we do now works towards that vision of what we will be.

And what’s my practical advice to get through the hard times – never give up hope for the future, stop watching the news so you don’t have to worry about the world’s problems when you’re struggling with your own, have a way to escape even if it’s just for a little while (a book, craft, your favourite movie), talk to someone, start saying no to things that aren’t essential, put you and the people in your own house first and start getting them to help you when you need it. And most of all be honest with yourself and everyone else. Thank goodness for my husband, my friends who listen and a God who listens and loves me.

This is my favourite song on the radio at the moment, I know the video has nothing to do with Easter but it’s just an inspiring song that I am loving…and I make everyone in the car be quiet so I can hear it and we all end up singing along…even the littlest members of the family.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Easter for you and your family. If you are having a hard time then I hope this Easter gives you a break from your troubles and hope for the future.


  1. Really appreciate your words ,we all have times of struggle .I always feel your words are real to me .Sending love and good wishes

  2. Beautiful words. Have a lovely Easter with your family and I hope you get a little time to put your feet up and enjoy some chocolate 😊

  3. Thank you and I hope that your Easter brings you all that you are praying for.

  4. Such a beautiful blog post! Thankyou for sharing the HOPE and LOVE that is found in Jesus. May your Easter be refreshing xx

  5. Happy Easter from Indiana. I’m still reading after 9 years, so you know that your words inspire! I think having a vision is everything. It gives a mom a larger purpose than a clean house and dinner on the table. Happy Easter!

  6. Patty McDonald says:

    Really enjoyed the song. You have the right attitude and know what is important. Have a blessed Easter

  7. Jacqueline says:

    Happy Easter Corrie. Thank you for your heartfelt post. Wishing you and your lovely family every blessing this Easter and on your journey further x

  8. Beautiful Blog and so inspirational. We too have had a very tough year and still going through it and can relate to your words. We are remaining strong and know things will fall into place eventually . Have a wonderful and peaceful Easter love from our family to yours . ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️💒

  9. Chrissi says:

    Got me in the heart Corrie..beautiful truthful sentiments..I’m always looking for the silver lining..always ❤️

    Sometimes preschool and kinder help bridge the gap for early learning especially as it’s so visual based and hands on based..so much of the learning is through play and rote..you know your kids and know what appeals to them, sometimes the social aspect of school is really beneficial for role modelling and helps settle some kids, seems like boys in particular who benefit by structure and rules..whatever you decide it can always be changed..down the track if it’s no longer working or things on the Homefront change..personally I would try it before they are due to start school or in school holidays and see how it pans out? Temperament of the child really does have a bit impact as well as how much time you have to share amongst all the kids and their individual learning needs.

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