meal plan : week 9

Oops a little behind with the meal planning since we’ve had so many things going on here. I’m 22 vests down and 35 to go for the school musical, we are now registered for homeschool for one and renewed for 2 years for the other and 28 weeks pregnant. Plenty of things to keep me busy…but we have been eating but I took a break from meal plans. Here we go for what we ate last week…..

Day 1

Pesto pasta + broccoli (V, GF Option)

I made ours with broccoli because we’ve been eating so many zucchinis from our garden and I needed a break. Just add in whatever vegetable you like by adding to the pasta while it’s cooking towards the end of the cooking time. Super easy and delicious and just use store bought pesto if you’re really short on time or have it on hand.


Day 2

Sushi bowls

Always popular with the kids I just cook the rice in my thermomix, add some sushi rice seasoning and divide up between bowls. Add some smoked salmon or tuna with mayo and sliced avocado and serve with tamari/soy sauce. The kids love it


Day 3

Lamb roast and potatoes

Aldi did a beautiful butterflied lamb roast we’ve had a couple of times and I pick up a bag of potatoes and a bag of carrots and roast the veggies first in olive oil (season them and put them in for an hour) then the lamb goes in until it’s cooked and just how we like it.

Day 4


Always popular here whenever I make them and I don’t make them often enough, this is the Pioneer Woman recipe and I go easy on the coriander because not everyone in the house loves it as much as I do

simple perfect enchiladas


Day 5

Green chicken sticks and salad (and rice for some of my kids who love rice with everything!)

chicken skewers in the new oven

Day 6

Kaki Age (Spoon Dropped Tempura) (V)

Great for a meat free day or fridays in Lent. This is so delicious but get used to spending time in the kitchen making more to keep everyone happy.

kaki age

Day 7

Tofu Stir fry (V)

Another vegetarian meal and quick and easy. I like to do stir frys to empty out the crisper in the fridge and when I feel like I need a healthy meal. For variety throw in some noodles into the stir fry instead of serving with rice.

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