Meal Plan : Week 6

A few days late as everyone is back to school, one is homeschooling and having 4 little people at different places has involved some serious time management. Not much time is left for cooking or planning out dinners for the next week but saturday mornings are always a fresh start. So here we go.

start of the meatball sauce

I’ve kept these pretty simple, 1 slowcooker meal, 1 meatball dish to make on the weekend when you have more time, 3 vegetarian meals and some baking for lunchboxes. I like to bake them all up, let them cool, wrap them individually and pop in the freezer so they can be taken out the morning you want to put them in a lunchbox

Just click on the recipe title and it will take you to the recipe link!

Day 1

Chicken & Cashew Stir Fry

Day 2

Quirky Cooking’s Singapore Noodles (GF)

This is a family favourite and so fresh and tasty. Everyone will love this one.

Day 3

Thermomix Pulse and Pumpkin Curry (V, GF)

Day 4

Tomato Pasta with Vegetables and Feta (V, GF option)

To make this GF just use a gluten free pasta.

Day 5

Quirky Cooking’s Brown Rice risotto (V, GF)

We have regular cheese not macadamia cheese with ours.

Day 6

Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken

Serve with rice and/or steamed vegetables

Day 7

3 hour meatballs

Make this on the weekend to enjoy that night or during the week. We get leftovers and they taste great the next day and there is lots of sauce so just make more meatballs to make the most of the beautiful tomato sauce. Everyone in the family including the pickiest of eaters will love this one!

3 hour meatballs


Cheesey Vegemite Scrolls

Orange and maple scrolls

oh I can't get enough of these

Orange Choc chip muffins

Chosen by my children but who doesn’t love choc chips?  I’ll be using this recipe which makes 24 muffins but swapping out the blueberries for 1 cup choc chips and instead of lemon I’m using orange juice.


  1. Charlotte E says:

    I love the thermie pulse and pumpkin curry. So healthy and satisfying. I’ll have to give some of the quirky cooking meals a go as I’ve heard so many people rave on about them.

    • yes you have to try some! the singapore noodles are just the best and the other dish that is really nice is the bbq chicken which she does with rice and veg!

  2. I am loving your meal plans very much. I cooked your orange and maple scrolls yesterday and they are amazing!

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