wareniki are delicious

There is something so satisfying about making a new dish from scratch and everyone loving it. I especially love making pastry and trying something new. I’ve made perogi before with puff pastry but this was something different and so perfect for a Sunday night dinner after a busy afternoon starting our vegetable garden (finally!). Oh and in the interest of full disclosure I had 4 1/2 and not the 2 pictured here. They are that good.

Somehow I found a picture on instagram of a delicious dinner plate that had Wareniki, I found a recipe here, added it to my meal plan and stocked up on all the ingredients. And this is such a great recipe because I followed it and they turned out beautifully. You can’t always guarantee that with recipes and especially if pastry is involved but this one was a winner. And on Facebook some of you were telling me the different combinations you have at your house.

So what are they? Well basically a dumpling that you boil and serve with a sour cream sauce. We chose the mince, potato and sauerkraut filling and served ours with some salad leaves, hot corn and sauerkraut.

And my top tip if you are going to give them a whirl is to make them in the early afternoon, pop them in the fridge and then cook them up at dinner time. It takes much less preparation when it comes to dinner time which is always a crazy time in my house.

Have you had them before?


  1. Have never tried these before, they sound great. I love it when I try a new recipe & no one complains, it doesn’t happen often though even though there are only 3 of us here now

  2. I’ve never even heard of wareniki, but these look yummy. Must go and have a look at the recipe and try them :)

  3. I’ve had these before but as Pierogi. Not been game to try making them myself (yet) and now with the whole coeliac thing being an issue I would have to have patience to get the dough right. Babcia used to fry them, perhaps they were boiled first? I never saw her make them from scratch there was always just an abundance of them on the table for family meals for special occasions. Hubby’s eyes used to glaze over! Might have to give them a whirl on my next block of days off and check in with hubster about the boiling thing. It makes sense that they would be as it would soften the dough.
    Try potato pancakes or placki… nom nom! Our German house guest made her version – kartoffelpuffer – they were a HUGE hit! The Germans eat them with apple sauce, Poles eat them with a cottage cheese/sour cream mix, both equally delicious!

  4. Still haven’t tried yum chat so these little dumplings are a mystery to me? They sound like a pork bun maybe but different flavours?

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