wow it’s really been one month

Well I intended to spend less time on the blog but I think a month between posts might be a new record. It’s been a busy time and also a really sad time.

We had a really lovely 6th birthday party for my littlest miss with all of her classmates and then the next day we learnt that a family at our school had died tragically. It was such a shock and sad time as the mother was one of the loveliest school mums I knew who always had time for everyone. The funeral was beautiful but just so sad. It was a hard few weeks to enjoy things when you felt so sad and confused but time (and being surrounded by lots of little people) does help you move forward and try to make peace with everything. They’ll always stay in my thoughts and prayers as well as their families and close friends.  And the school community has been so wonderful and the beautiful things that have been done by our surrounding schools and other schools is just so beautiful. We’ve had a little holy bracelet made by children at one school and another little card and dove from another school.

We’ve been very busy with homeschooling and I can’t believe we’ll be finishing up the year in a month’s time. It’s not without its challenges as I have 2 very different personalities to teach but they are becoming more independent and we’ve all settled into our routine. I still think people assume you need to be standing in front of them all day long teaching them but they have a list of work they need to get through each day and we do a few things together and the rest is independent work. I’m also now used to cashiers or people asking if they are home sick or don’t have school today and you have to give a mini talk on homeschooling. But it’s definitely made life at home 100 times more peaceful and relaxed. I’ve also relaxed (a little) and accepted that there are days that never go to plan.

Craftwise I’ve been knitting a kina in a 5 ply which is taking me forever, I still haven’t cast off the sleeves (I’ll stick to 8 ply next time). And I’ve been doing some paper piecing of hexagons for some little Christmas projects. I even picked up some diamonds and am paper piecing stars which I’m hoping will turn out. I took my girls to the shop to buy the paper pieces, I was so sure we’d emerge with just the paper pieces but there we were at the checkout with palace pets and tsum tsum fabric for the girls.

I’ve discovered Outlander (on the recommendation of my readers) and I am totally hooked but I do have to confess it is not as civilised as Lark Rise and I don’t do blood and guts or the sex scenes because I just don’t watch tv or that many movies (that aren’t kids movies). So I’ve had to fast forward a few times or look away but then I’m so hooked by the story and finding out what happens. And I’ve decided just to skip the last episode of series 1 entirely to avoid it all after reading a review of it and a warning from 2 readers (thank you!). I’ve also ordered the book so hopefully that will arrive soon and I’ll get stuck into that.

And that’s about that. The beautiful flowers in these photos have been sent to my by the lovely Carli from Urban Flower. They do the most amazing arrangements, as you can see. I’ve had a different grandma here each time they have arrived and they have both oohhed and ahhed over them. I catch myself walking past the dining table and stopping to do a double take.

Well that’s my little update. I hope to be back with a few Christmas food and craft ideas and not wait a month between posts! I hope you’ve been well and don’t get too caught up in the end of year craziness that seems to start in november and last until Christmas.


  1. You must watch THE CROWN next…….. I am hooked!

  2. Hi Corrie I read outlander & some subsequent series a decade ago so loved the tv series and was so amazed to find it, but, I too can’t cope with the violence & torture & sex it was excessive !!! It totally stopped me finishing it sadly – distressing in fact (torture & sex esp) ! I didn’t get warned – thats the problem!! Otherwise tantalising story. I loved Clare Fraser :0)

    • Yes I’m glad for the warning about the last episode as just not necessary. I just love the storyline so much but it made me realise how I just don’t watch movies anymore because it was all so shocking. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one:)

      • Hi lovely Corrie, skip the last two episodes! 😞 Both very distressing. You will easily pick up the story when you start reading the second book “Dragonfly in Amber” 😘😘

  3. Corrie, I have just finished the 8 books of the Outlander series, yes there are quite a few. Number 9 will be out next year (Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone). Haven’t watched the series and don’t intend to, enjoyed the books too much.

    Glad the homeschooling is going well.

  4. Hi Corrie, I can only watch Outlander in short bursts 😉 I did know what to expect though as I read the book years ago – recommended to me by my very straight laced mother in law!
    So sorry to hear about your daughter’s classmates. If I am guessing right, my children both go to the school in the next street starting with a P, and were very saddened by it as well. So sorry to hear it Corrie, so difficult for all her friends.
    I’ve loved to hear about the homeschooling, I knew some homeschooling families in the area a few years ago and they just loved the relaxed pace of it all.

  5. Hi Corrie,
    I was wondering if you have written anywhere the reasons behind your decision to homeschool and how your kids are finding it. It may be something I consider doing down the track. Thank you

  6. Hi Corrie
    I’ve only just read this post and I also felt so sad after reading the story in the papers about that lovely little family. Im glad that the school community and your family have been so well supported.
    I’m glad that home schooling is going so well for you and wondered if you would mind if I sent you an email? I have been considering home schooling for my 10 year old for a little while.

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