he’s still a big puppy!

Well my not so little puppy is about to turn 8 months old on Monday….and he’s as big as they come. We did think he’d be medium size but there’s nothing medium about him. But there’s just more of him to love. My littlest miss loves to lie on his tummy and there is plenty of room for that and he loves it. He really has a sense for people. He’s so gentle with her and my grandma. He just knows to tone it down with them.

We enjoy dog training once a week and are learning lots of new things. We don’t always listen, well he doesn’t always listen, I do. And I went from someone who said I will never get a bum bag for my dog treats but wouldn’t you know it…there I am each week with my doggy bum bag full of chicken and a bit of cheese which he likes.

We’re back to the groomers this week for another wash and tidy up and hopefully a clip all over. He came back to me last time smelling so beautiful and fluffed up like a big fluff ball.

We had to buy an XXL crate for him at night as the L one I bought he quickly outgrew. But to tell you the truth I didn’t use crate training but now have him in the crate overnight which is a great thing and he loves it. Nice and cosy in there and still big enough for him.

The kids love him. He obeys my hubby who is the boss. I’m just the one who does all the care and picks up the poo poos but he knows who his is master is. And you’ll notice he’s on his lead in this photo. That’s because it’s a run for freedom once he’s outside! He really is the perfect addition for our family.



  1. dianne nunn says:


  2. He is gorgeous.

  3. What type of breed is he again? He is a lovely looking boy and I’m in the frame of mind to get another dog after losing our beloved 16 year old Caveliar King Charles Spaniel early this year. I think my heart is ready to welcome another fluff ball into our family :)

    • Oh no, that’s so sad. I’m sorry. Chester is a labradoodle, you can get miniature labradoodles which aren’t as big as our boy but super cute. If you’re on instagram just check out the #labradoodlesofinstagram. So many cute dogs!

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