one term of homeschooling under our belt

Well tomorrow is the last day of term. That has gone so fast. The days and weeks have just flown by. How have we gone? Well. Pretty well I think considering I’ve had my L plates on. There have been some hard days and lots of really good days.

I started out just planning each week rather than daily but now I sit down and plan out the week and then each day. I put the day’s work on a little note card for each of the twins so they know what they need to work through.

Next term we’ll be using a set curriculum for year 3 from the US but adapt a few things like history and geography and maths. This was a big decision but I think this will reassure me that we’re getting through enough work and also provide a bit more structure for them rather than me telling them what they need to do. Fingers crossed on that one. We’re also picking up Latin which should be fun since I’ve never learnt it but I have the answer book so we can all learn together.

We’ve been to the theatre with home schoolers, done an athletics carnival, a first aid morning, attended weekday Mass twice (so much for going weekly!) and most of the time we stick to our plans.

We’ve discovered ArtVenture and art videos on youtube. We read in the car and do spelling bees as well. We have the tv off most days just to keep everyone on task, we play and we’re relaxed. One of the goals of homeschool was to take out the stress of school for one little person and we’ve succeeded. Somedays I think to myself I’m sure they would have covered more work during a school day but some days we get through so much and research things and are doing our own research projects and assignments and are working on different things. We are back to learning piano which is fun and a learning curve for me but one that they are enjoying. And we love going to the library when it’s nice and quiet and sometimes we’re the only ones there. We see our friends at parties, playdates, rugby, when we’re visiting school and making new friends at homeschool activities.

It is exhausting, I won’t lie, but it is also a great way to let your kids learn at their pace and focus on what they want to do. We don’t fight over putting on uniforms or getting out the door in the morning. Each has their own strengths and it’s great to let them work ahead of where they would be in a classroom but also take the time to sit with them and help them where they need it.

Bring on our 2nd term! Well bring on the holidays first. I’m hoping to finally get the veggie patch started.


  1. Cat@lifethroughthehaze says:

    Wow. Well done Corrie.

    Can I ask why US curriculum instead of Aussie Curriculum?

    Keep up the great work. xoxo

  2. Well done Corrie! I am interested to know how you can homeschool while still doing a school run for other children? And do the children who go to school complain that the others homeschool? I am worried about that when I consider a ‘split’ option

    • Yep we use the car for reading to me, spelling tests, quiz time and silent reading. Definitely making sure of the car time and the radio is on ABC so they get the latest news (if suitable) and current affairs:) working well so far

  3. Corrie, it is a long time since I commented. Lovely news re Latin. I will send you an email

  4. Well done!!!! It must feel like sch an achievement for you to have the first term done. They look so happy. Is it hard to be both homeschooling while also having some in the school system? You must be pretty unique on that front.

    • Thank you, it’s been a nice start just to have 2 homeschooling but 2 love school and wouldn’t want to leave so they are happy and twins are happy so it’s working well. Sometimes families we meet just have some or most at home so not too unusual:)

  5. Great job Corrie!
    I can’t wait to see the veggie garden. Think of all the learning opportunities there!

  6. 6 years here…anxiety was our biggest motivator to homeschool, along with special needs and the need for one-on-one learning support. As you all relax into the rhythm of it it becomes less exhausting but I too was doing both homeschool and at was a juggle that I’m now glad I no longer have to do..only one now still homeschooling

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