magnolias and nearly 2 weeks of homeschool done

How beautiful are the magnolias at the moment. We had a big old tree at the front of our old house that I loved so much and then was thrilled to find not one but two trees here at the new house. Mind you they aren’t as big and the one in the front yard has much smaller flowers but I still love it.

We’ve made it through nearly 2 weeks of homeschooling. Everyone has been asking or messaging to check out how we’ve been going and I’m always happy to report it’s going well. Mornings are more relaxed, we are getting through our work, someone is trying to cover a wall in her artworks and doing a wonderful job of recreating Van Gogh masterpieces. You are able to see where their strengths really lie, the twin bond is even closer and we are having fun. Sometimes I get them to make quizzes for the other person and they have a bit of fun with that trying to make the hardest questions. We use car time for reading, ipads and Q&A on countries and capital cities.  

This week we’ve been reading Mr Popper’s Penguins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks (my copy from primary school which is looking a little old and yellow but I loved that book so much). In Maths we are doing lots of sums and learning to carry over the 1 into the next column, art has been focused on Van Gogh and we are researching a country each for a little geography assignment. No surprise that our rugby  mad boy picked England. No homework is a real bonus for everyone and the little kids love having kids to play with them. I definitely have one super conscientious one and one who needs a bit more encouragement to put the footy down for a while.  Our aim is to hit the year 3 work by term 4  and they are pretty excited about that. It is a learning curve trying to pick the best materials when you start out because you’re not quite sure what will work. We are actually rotating between 4 maths books and my favourite is now the american one which at first I didn’t like and had regretted buying. Go figure! 

But you definitely feel more confident once you’ve started if that reassures anyone out there who is too nervous to start homeschooling. The nerves and worry kind of go away once you get stuck in.


  1. I’m glad to hear that homeschooling is going well for you and your children. I wish I had thought of homeschooling when my children were younger. They are all adults now.
    I do love your little jug vase it’s so cute!

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