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I have a few things up in my etsy store here if you live in Australia and love bonnie & camille fabric. All prices include postage in Australia and GST. I have a few more fabric packs to add during the week. I decided that etsy was an easier way to manage everything rather than a standalone online store. I have a few Moda pre-releases coming in June which I’m excited about, a bit more of the lil’ red to list and also will be making some fabric packs using older japanese fabrics. The craft room needs to make room for me to set up one of my sewing machines so that my girls can learn to sew this year.

So bear with me and hopefully I can have a few more things listed. It’s just been a crazy few days with my big girl turning 10, my little girl’s first excursion, my big girl needing a pair of white shoes for her Eucharistic procession that didn’t cost the earth and me losing my wedding ring. I thought I’d clean out the Nissan before handing it back (very sad about that) and gave the car mats a good shake out into the garden. Seemed easy enough until my 4 piece wedding ring flung off my finger and went in all directions. I’m blaming the GAPS diet that I just started again for the rings being a bit loose. I managed to find the first 2 pieces easily, the 3rd piece took me a while but I just couldn’t find the 4th piece. Anyway, I spent 2 hours out there with the kids raking through leaves and trying to find it. And then someone almost hit the car with the end of the rake and everyone was fighting over the torch or shining it in each other’s eyes. Yes, you can imagine. I was having THE best time out on my driveway with 6 helpers. So we kept going for a bit longer before I called it a night. I should have been baking my big girl’s birthday cake. I found a metal detector guy who finds jewellery and he got back to me so quickly but he couldn’t get there till monday and I was just so upset about the one lost piece we couldn’t find. Hubby drives down the driveaway on Friday night with his lights on and sees something shiny on the driveway. My ring!!!! I was so happy.

Moral of the story is don’t go on diets if your rings fit perfectly or don’t clean your car mats with your wedding ring on. I’m definitely not doing any crazy shaking of car mats again anytime soon.



  1. So very glad you found all the parts to your ring, Corrie ♥

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