I knitted a big girl cardigan

You’ve probably figured out that I love baby knits and I’ve gone a bit bigger on this one knitting a size 4.

I know it’s not an adult size but its definitely bigger than what I usually knit.

The pattern is granny’s favourite by tikki and I love it. Ravelry tells me it’s my 4th granny’s favourite.

I used Bendigo luxury in 8 ply and the colour is bubblegum and a very pretty pink. In some lights it looks like a dusty rose and in other it’s a bright pink. Either way it’s very pretty and made for a girly girl project to wear this winter. The buttons are Cath Kidston that I picked up from the online store a few years ago. They are fabric covered and I only had 3 on the card so they were definitely meant to be used on this little project.

You can find the project on ravelry here and the dog tried to eat my camera card so I took all of these on my phone. I will get around to getting a new camera card soon as I miss using my camera.


  1. Theresa says:

    The cardigan looks nice and cosy on your daughter. I’m so glad she is wearing it!
    I really think the colour suits her too.

  2. Ange Moore says:

    Seems that after 4 knits the cardigan could be renamed Corrie’s Favourite!! Love the colour.

    I’ve been knitting for my kids (who are 4, 7 & 9) and have used a great tutorial (by Tin Can Knits) on converting your pattern to use a different type of wool – I recently converted a jumper from an 8ply knit to a 10ply and it’s just like knitting for a toddler!!

  3. Very pretty cardigan. Your phone photos look great! We have a puppy who eats anything and everything too! At least he didn’t eat your camera!

  4. Beautiful cardigan. Looks lovely on your daughter

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