a little bonnie & camille fabric giveaway

I’ve got a few fabric deliveries coming in as I sell a little bit of fabric (I’ll let you know when I do) and also hope to raise $1,000 for my little girl’s school. We love the place so much and the miracles they are working with our little girl and I know everyone loves fabric. Anyway, this is just a fun giveaway since May this year marks 10 years of blogging. That’s a long time. Next week it will have been 10 years of blogging since I started my first blog when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with my eldest girl who turns 10 in 2 weeks.

Up for grabs I’ve got a metre of bonnie & camille vintage picnic, 1/2 metre of moda dottie, 1 charm square of little ruby by bonnie & camille and 2 mini charm packs of little ruby. The mini charm packs are adorable and I’ve been using them to make some blocks for a quilt. They are so cute and will be great for quilt blocks, little patchwork projects, borders and more. Just leave a comment what you were doing 10 years ago – 2006 to be exact – and I’ll pick a winner. I’ll also pop 1m of white homespun in there so you can make something special.

You can enter wherever you live in the world, one entry per person, I’ll pick the comment I love the most and I’ll close off entries on the 26th May. Thank you!


  1. 10 years ago u was just starting a new job, living away from home for the first time, breaking up with a long term boyfriend and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life! Agh was a crazy time now that I think about it 😂

  2. Ten years ago in 2006 I was a mum of my baby son Aidan (now 11) and became pregnant with my daughter summer (born in December 06… now 9) I must of had some crazy pregnancy hormones going on because we decided to renovate and sell our unit, finish renovating our house, sell it, and move from our home Adelaide for a Queensland seachange! I distinctly remember spray painting the outside fences Classic Cream while I was pregnant. And I ate LOTS of oranges that year. We moved and everyone thought we were crazy! Back in Adelaide now and when we’re not renovating I love sewing and patchwork in particular.

  3. Carissa Hagenbach says:

    Hi Retromummy,

    10 years ago my now husband and I were busily planning our wedding. We are now parents to 3 gorgeous kids (7,5 and our mischievous 2 year old, who happens to be ‘Ruby’ 😊). We have recently decided on a sea change for our family, and moved back to my home town after living interstate since 2002. 10 years has seen many changes for us 😊

    Best wishes to you,

    Carissa xo

  4. 2006 saw my life change forever. I become a Mummy! My firstborn was born Feb 2006. We built a house and moved states when he was 9 months. Since than we have moved states again and added 3 more lovely babies to our family. 2006 was the start of beautiful things happening in my life. Xx

  5. Such cute fabric. I try not to think about 2006 too much (can’t believe that was 10 yrs ago). Without sounding too dismal I gave birth (well ended up via c-section)to a beautiful boy at 18 weeks gestation. Sadly he had already passed but we were fortunate to already have a beautiful girl and went on to have another two gorgeous kids. Someone I think about everyday but still feel blessed to have cradled him. Only just told the younger ones about him (5 & 7) and the 5 yr old told his Grandma he had a brother that was ‘stolen’. You have to smile at that.

  6. 10 years ago I was working crazy busy in a job I loved, but hoping against hope for a precious baby – we had to wait another 18 months until she arrived, but I’m thankful for the opportunities I had before the kids arrived.
    Such lovely fabric, and such a generous giveaway. Good luck! And thank you Corrie :)

  7. Dianne Whittle says:

    10 years ago we had just moved to a new town for my husband’s work, bought our first home which we love, and then I had a miscarriage. There was a 13 year gap between my son and this baby, so many years of trying before I fell pregnant again only to have a miscarriage just weeks after the excitement of finding out we were having a baby.

  8. Katie walsh-smith says:

    2006 was the year I moved to Canberra for first year of uni and met my now husband. Its funny to think of us as a couple of kids.We now have four babies, a house and all those other grown up things!

  9. Melissa says:

    10 years ago!?! Wow, it feels like another life! In May 2006 we were living in Spain and I was 10 months pregnant with out first, Sebastian. He was born in the August, in the middle of a Spanish Summer! If someone told me then how absolutely sewing obsessed I would become (especially quilting and Bonnie and Camille fabric!), I would never have believed them!!!! Thanks for the competition Corrie and an almost Happy 10th Birthday to Keira! xx

  10. 10 years ago I was easing into motherhood. The pride and joy of my existence had just turned 1 and I was enjoying watching the world through my daughters eyes. I was also dreaming of all the creative projects I’d be able to do once I didn’t always have a little person underfoot. My time will come back next year when my youngest goes to school, and a quilting project or two will certainly be on my list of things I’d like to achieve!

  11. When I think back 10 years ago it seems like forever but it has also gone past in a heartbeat. I only had my two little boys ( before my 2 girls came along). We had just bought a dairy farm in the height of the drought, yikes what were we thinking! It has been a bumpy ride but I love it. Tough times ahead I think but you never know what tomorrow may bring

  12. 2006 Was the year my little boy was diagnosed with Liver Cancer so we were in hospital having treatment. We are so grateful he is still with us xxxx

  13. Georgia says:

    Wow 10 years ago i was only 24 and i was doing my post grad iploma in special education and macquarie university and loving it! I was doing a practical part of the program and the children all were so beautiful. The MUSEC school at macquarie uni was just such a beautiful way to learn hoe to get the best out of these gorgeous kids with special needs. i loved every minute so much so that i made sure i got a job teaching kids with special needs. Now i teach kids who are all on the Autism Spectrum and i love it!!!

  14. Wow you had me really thinking what I was up to 10 years ago! I was a new mum and was living in a new city. My husband was working away a lot and I remember the overwhelming loneliness and isolation I felt. It was a really tough time for me. What got me through was finding a couple of nice little playgroups where I found some lovely new friends (had to try a few playgroups to find a good one) and lots of crafting and of course sewing (I had also only had my sewing machine for a year so was relatively new to it all). Fast forward to today and we are a big happy family filled with great times, lots of love and joy. It feels like so much longer than a decade ago!

  15. Karen McGuire says:

    Ten years ago I was just finishing uni and starting my new job. Travelling 2hrs either direction on two trains my arriving in the dark and leaving in the dark. Things you do for a job. I would love to win your fabric pack beaches in now married with a toddler daughter. I could make something for her with these fabric blocks :)

  16. Karen Muller says:

    Ten years ago I was mum to four children 15, 13, 11,and 9 and doing some teacher aiding at their school.

  17. 2006 my youngest started kindergarten and my eldest started high school, and the two in the middle were in year 2 and 4. Now my youngest is in year 10, the second youngest is in 12, and the oldest two have left school(one at uni, one working) and I’m sure I’m not old enough for any of this!

  18. Ten Years ago I was in my second year of university and starting a relation with my (now) husband! I didn’t know how to sew , but it was one of the most wonderful times of my life. All the dreams were possible for us. They still are, and we are extremely happy and now I make clothes and quilts :) thank you and kisses from Portugal :)

  19. Ten years ago I was a busy mum. So much has changed since then. Two are grown and out of the nest, one is still with me. I have moved away from a dreadful marriage and now am taking time to find me.

  20. Hi Corrie,
    Ten years ago I had never made a quilt. Our properties was for sale, two years later we moved to the other side of our country.
    In 2006 I had never read a blog, can you believe it! I did have my first cellphone, but no smartphone.
    In 2016 I love to quilt and reading blogs!

  21. Jantine says:

    Ten years ago we were desperately waiting for our middle child to be tested as something was wrong but we weren’t sure what it was… the waiting list was about half a year and those month were hard. I don’t think it became easier after his diagnosis but “having the right Manuel” really helped in getting the help he needed. There are struggles everyday but those ten years really helped me learning to give God all my troubles as I can’t carry them myself and so I could see the bright side again too!

  22. I had just met my husband! I moved to Canberra and met my now husband a month later (and now here we are 2 step kids and 2 kids later). I’ve been thinking about 2006 a lot lately xx

  23. Kathryn says:

    In 2006 I was driving my hubby so nuts with brining work home from my teaching job that he bought me my first sewing machine for my 30th birthday – best bit was that he researched sewing machines by discussing with his engineering colleagues which they thought were best based on their wives experiences with their machine! (And my machine is still going strong – hasn’t missed a beat!)

  24. Teresa@AureasKitchen says:

    10 years ago seems a life… Working on my PhD, meeting the 9 years later the father of my baby girl…


  25. Ann Grant says:

    Ummmm, not quite sure what exactly what I was doing, most likely I was somewhere on the IVF roller coaster we had been on for the past 14 years. Our ride finally ended in 2008 with a successful pregnancy.

  26. Patricia says:

    2006 was a bit of a blur…Alexander was 14 and in year 9 at high school, Olivia was 12 and in year 7 at high school and Emma was 10 and in grade 5, all at different schools (newsletters, pick ups, school activities, P&F committees, canteen duties etc all multiplied by three). I worked part time, we were renovating our home and in all of that I still found time to read for pleasure or knit and sew for necessity (even though now a days knitting and sewing are my guilty pleasure). I re-read this and feel ill hoping that I didn’t miss an important something…I was living in the moment so I shouldn’t have missed a thing. Patricia

  27. Melanie S says:

    I really had to stop and think for a minute there! 10 years ago, I was basically a different person living a different life. I was in Uni (studying accounting) – Uni was a place where you finally taste adult freedoms, but are unburdened by the full brunt of adult responsibility. I was single but dating, working jobs like babysitting and training members at the gym, and learning so much about myself and the world. These days my life is amazing – made better with my husband and two (almost three!) children. But I do smile when I think about the old me, fresh out of school and just getting my wings in life.

  28. 2006 easy – my baby girl was 4 weeks old and as a first time mom, I was way out of my depth. 10 years on – she is my beautiful big girl. I have read every post and watched both my girl and your family grow.

  29. Hayley Allen says:

    10 years ago my now husband suggested we start my ‘5 year plan’ of buying a house, getting a dog, getting married and starting a family… He proposed on bended knee 😍 And we achieved it all!!!

  30. A year of new beginnings, began serving part time on the Patoral Team at church after resigning from 25 years teaching the year before. Time to dive back into sewing, breath & rediscover lost passions…….

  31. Jessica P. says:

    Congratulations on 10 years of blogging! What an awesome accomplishment.

    In 2006, I was planning my wedding. It is hard to believe that was ten years ago! It is funny to look back and think of how little I knew about what it really meant to be a wife. I am incredibly thankful that I met my husband. We share a lovely life with two little ones now. I am blessed beyond what I could ever deserve. I am glad that my 10 years ago self made the decisions that she did.

  32. Anne Marie says:

    Ten years ago I was working at a job I loved – working with special needs children. It was a wonderful job that I spent many years at. I learned to much from these children – love, patience, understanding, and appreciation. I worked with all kinds of special children and each one still has a special place in my heart.

  33. Happy 10 years of blogging Corrie and Happy Birthday Kiera! 10 years ago we had moved from a country town to the outskirts of Canberra and thought we would be there for ages as we are not movers! Blow me down we moved the following year and had a sea change to a town where we had our first wedding anniversary years ago! Never thought we would be back there again. You see we took our special girl there a few times and she loved it and we thought why not even though it meant a 2 hour commute for hubby! And we are still here!

  34. Mandy Hawkins says:

    2006 was the busiest year of my life. In January I had my baby girl, when her older brother was just 11 months old. So that year I had two babies on two different routines and I don’t think I finished a cup of tea or had a complete conversation with anyone the whole year. It was busy but these days they are 11 and 10 (plus have a baby sister who’s 8) and it is so much easier and they are such a joy. Sometimes I look at them and feel a little sad that my babies are gone and where did these big kids comes from?
    Thanks for the great giveaway and I hope you can raise the $1,000 for the school. I love reading your blog.
    Mandy Hawkins.

  35. 10 years ago…I was in the middle of year 11 at school. So studying, studying, studying, and probably dreaming of all the sewing I wished I had time to do!!

  36. Ha Corrie! When you were having the first of your 6, I was just having the last of my 6! My youngest will be 10 next month, and my oldest will be 20!!
    It’s been such a fun crazy ride with all of them, and the best years have been the teenage years where they become their own people, and become your best friends!
    Congrats on having a 10 year old! x

  37. Laurelle says:

    Wow 2006 was just a blur ! I was Mum to Five , my oldest being 13 and the youngest was 4. All I remember is school runs, kindy runs and driving circles around town dropping kids at music lessons, basketball hockey and cricket! I just remember my brain hurting trying to remember where I had to be and who I was picking up. I tried doing yoga but could not clear my head at the end when we were supposed to be in corpse pose lol. Anyway a few years on I am now completely addicted to making quilts it has become a passion that has kept me sane :-)

  38. 10 years ago we had just moved towns and was about to have our first baby, how life has changed!! My daughter would love these fabrics!

  39. Ten years I was in year twelve and super scared about life post high school! Ten years ago I tonight I would be a human resources manager but now I ended up in stakeholder management instead which I love! Now I am married with one dog living in our house that we are about to rebuild which is scarier than life post high school! I would love to win this pack so I can make something for my friend who always makes baby quilts out of bonnie and camille – it would be nice to make something for her babies in this fabric.

  40. Susan Leach says:

    10 years ago, was when I chose to have a career change from an Accountant to a Home Economics Teacher. I have never regretted the decision and I love my job, working as a Hospitality Teacher in an Anglican Community School. Everyday brings smiles, new challenges and the knowledge that I am in the right place.

  41. Next month 10 years ago I purchased my first home. It was very exciting time living by myself again and owning a property. I had lived in England for years and saved my deposit for the unit. So, all my hard work and saving paid off.

  42. Marnie PearsScown says:

    I was pregnant with my precious girl, IndiaRose, after four delicious boys. Unexpected pregnancy that was a double blessing – no.5 plus a wee girl. We had another girl 4 years later, and they are the best of friends 😊

  43. Emma Cordes says:

    In 2006 I was living and working in London, and using every spare weekend to discover cities and towns in the UK and Europe. My future husband and I had decided a year earlier to leave our small rural town in NZ and see what the big wide world had to offer. We left our jobs, sold our cars, put a few clothes in a bag and waved good-bye to friends and family. A big step for both of us but one in which we look back on now with much joy at the memories we had and made together. Congratulations on your 10 years of blogging – I have followed you for that last 5 of those!

  44. Congratulations! Ten years is a long time, but goes quickly. I was chasing around a one year old and four year old in 2006 plus working outside the home. Now, the oldest of those two is my height. Wow!

  45. Emma Lampard says:

    I was an articles clerk- my first year as a lawyer! My husband was my boyfriend and it was my last year living at home with mum and dad! Wow, time flies, here I am with a toddler, a newborn, an injured husband (so another toddler really) and a house to take care of!

  46. 10 years ago I had just retired and I moved across country so I was busy adjusting to my new life, making new friends and caring for my husband’s parents.

  47. 10 years ago, our 4 year wait for a baby was finally over. In late April we got a phone call telling us that we had a little girl! We had to wait until mid July to go to South Korea to pick her up. She has made our family complete. Not only did we have the most perfect little girl, we also met a whole new community of other families who had been created through adoption and we also began a love affair with our child’s birth country. We feel so blessed.

  48. 10 years ago I was at uni and finding my tribe, those that liked to read and craft and not necessarily drink and party hard. And I was so happy when I found that tribe and they are still my friends today! Craft holiday anyone?

  49. Ten years ago was living our dream of working away from our home state of Tasmania and working/travelling around Australia. 2006 we were in Port Hedland. We have now worked towards that dream in our own beautiful home, married with two beautiful healthy kids. Thankyou Corrie, what a beautiful giveaway.

  50. LOL, you picked a great year for me! In 2006 I was living in Sacramento California, a client of mine was going to sail the Greek Islands and I asked to tag along with him and his wife and friends, so began the end of my previous life and the beginning of my new life. After the sailing trip I continued traveling through Greece on my own, I had reservations to stay at a Hotel in the middle of Greece, when I arrived after 10 hours of traveling I was told by the owner that he didn’t have any rooms available (he overbooks them) but he found a place for me next door at another place. I was starving and asked the new place where I could eat and she said “downstairs, I make the best lamb” Well with those words I just had to try the lamb even though I normally don’t eat it. As I was eating alone a Greek woman on a date at the other table wanted to speak to me, but she didn’t know English, so she asked the waiter to be our translator. He grudgingly agreed to translate and sat down between the two of us as we talked back and forth. She invited me to go dancing later that night, it was already 10pm, but the dancing wouldn’t start till 2am, I was tired but thought “Hey you live only once” so I agreed and stayed up with the waiter (who turned out to be the owners son) as we waited for the girl to come back (she never did, was probably to drunk from our first encounter) I was disappointed but was willing to go to bed when the boy asked if I would like to go dancing with him. And that is the end of the story, He is now my husband, I had to go home, but he came after me in the States a month later in November 2006 and asked me to come live with him in Greece, I moved here on December 29, 2006, just in time to start a New Year and New Life in Greece!

  51. I was pregnant! That pregnancy was not a particularly enjoyable one, but I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Oh, and we also built a house that year. But that’s not as important.

  52. Cassandra Fuimaono says:

    Ten years ago I was serving a mission for my church in Hawaii. 18 months volunteer service.

  53. lyn lindsay says:

    Ten years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and here I am still reading blogs, love yours and oh how I love Bonnie and Camille, I quilt a lot and can testify to how that gets you through tough times and allows you to pass on the love through the quilts made, a joy.

  54. Ten years ago I was in my second college working on my first degree and ballroom dancing competitively with the college team – there’s a team you don’t hear about very often! 😉

  55. ten years ago we were preparing for our oldest to graduate from high school.

  56. Ten years ago I was graduating from high school and starting college!

  57. Claire Ross says:

    My now husband and I moved into our first home together 10 yrs ago. We are now married and due our first baby. I have been lusting over the Little Ruby collection for a baby quilt xx
    iain.ross30 at gmail dot com

  58. Delaine says:

    Ten years ago I was doing much the same as I am now, with the exception that we finished paying our mortgage, so we had a bit more money after that to do things that we enjoy. Thanks!

  59. Lori Morton says:

    Wow…10 years ago….had to think hard! lol Our Kiddo’s were all graduated(from High School..with some in College) by then, so became Empty Nester’s! Was nice..but they alternatingly all returned to the nest at one time or another..til about 2009 lol Was great time here on the farm we have…plus the peach orchard….we are still being busy with same place…nothing real exciting in 2006…but last few years have been wonderfully crazy!

    Thanks for chance to win your Give-a-way! 😀

  60. Sarah J says:

    10 years ago I was moving from the West Coast of the US to the East Coast for my husband’s job. This put us closer to family (although still 8 hours of driving) and me in an area where I could pursue my dream of becoming a Child Life Specialist (I think in Aus they are called Child Life Therapists). It was crazy, but great year for us! Congrats on 10 years of blogging!!

  61. Vicki H says:

    Ten years ago I was working for an aircraft company. We were preparing to move from our home of 23 years, our daughters were both expecting our first grandchildren and my husband and I celebrated our 50th birthdays. Busy year!!

  62. Sandy K says:

    Ten years ago, I was working full time and going back to school to get my degree.

  63. Nancy Hilderbrand says:

    10 years ago I was starting dialysis and have been doing it three days a week for approximately 5 hours at a time.-

  64. Ten years ago, we were in the process of adopting our 2nd child. We have been blessed to adopt 2 boys and 1 girl from South Korea. I enjoy following your blog (and Instagram!) and watching your beautiful children grow. Lovely giveaway!

  65. Crystal says:

    In 2006, I was pregnant with my first son and healing from a trauma. It was such a year of growth and awakening for the better! Funny how there is so much beauty in the breakdown once the smoke clears!

  66. Kathy E. says:

    You’re making me think tonight! Back in 2006, I was thinner, less wrinkly and less gray-haired! I wouldn’t go back to that time though, even for my narrower behind. I was teaching full-time in middle school, raising 2 wild teenagers and my husband was traveling the world with his job. Thankfully, life has settled down, and we are content (except for that behinder of mine).

  67. In 2006 I was finishing up Uni and graduating with my brother. The next year I was going to be doing a year abroad in Korea teaching English in Korea. Who knew that I’d meet my future husband there?

  68. 10 years ago I had just had our 5th baby and had 5 under 6 (almost 7). So really all I remember is being very busy lol!!
    But seriously, looking back, they were the best years of my life. My oldest was 12 when our 9th was born (so we had nine kids 12 and under) and now he is 4 and things are a little more relaxed I still wish I was in those ‘really busy days’.

  69. 10 years! My congratulation!
    What I was doing 10 years ago? At this time I started to learn the forums on the Internet :). It was a difficult time for me – person close to me died and to get out of depression, I has devoted a lot of time to needlework, cooking new dishes. Communication in the network pulled me out of the mire. And a year later I have got my first blog :).

  70. carol n says:

    Ten years ago I went on disability, which has given me a lot more time to sew! Thanks for the giveaway, love the fabric!!

  71. Sandra H. says:

    Let’s see……10 years ago my husband and I were starting a new house. We built it all by ourselves and since our kids were grown and living elsewhere we didn’t have much help. However, we were old hands at this since this was our 4th house to build and we were familiar with the hard work that goes into building one. My husband was in construction so it was easy for him (easy?) and there was no time frame or rush to finish. I made sure I had a sewing room that had bright sunshine from all the windows!

  72. Rebecca H says:

    2 grandchildren were born this year, so happy time for us. Now we have a total of 12, who each receive a twin quilt from their gramsie. thank you for a chance to own some awesome MODA!

  73. 10yrs ago I had been married for a year, just finished post graduate studies at QUT university whilst being pregnant and given birth to our first baby, a beautiful boy. I thought life was busy back then, we now have three children and am often overwhelmed by the busyness. I love your blog and relating to your stories of motherhood. Thank you for a chance at this lovely giveaway!

  74. Congratulations!
    Ten years ago I was raising 4 teenagers and life was good!

  75. Justine says:

    Looking back 10 years ago….I had a nearly 1 year old girl (our first) who we tried for several years to conceive. She is our miracle baby and we have been blessed to have 3 more boys since! I was and still am a stay at home mother and I remember how much I thoroughly enjoyed that and still do to this day. Such a privilege and a blessing! Happy 10th birthday for your blog Corrie! I continue to love reading and enjoy watching your children grow up!

  76. Noelene says:

    Ten years ago. Recovering from brain tumor removal, learning to write and walk again properly. Was back to work in 6 weeks (part time). Hoping my hair would be long enough to cover my friar tuck look for my daughter’s year 12 formal. My, the years have flown by and I can now hold my grandson.

  77. 10 years seems a long time ago! I had just started quilting and all my children were still in school and life was very busy and happy – mind you it still is busy and happy but the children have all flown the nest however I’m still quilting :)

  78. Lover reading all these entries. 10 years ago i was:
    -living on the Gold Coast and making plans to move to Melbourne
    -mummy to my 2 year old daughter
    -pregnant with my son
    -dreaming of learning how to sew
    -addicted to the website Essential Baby (which is how I discovered the retro mummy blog and haven’t stopped reading since)

    I now live in Melbourne, have 3 awesome kids and love to sew!

  79. Pauline says:

    Gorgeous fabrics – love red and love flowers – winning combination. 10 years ago I was matriculating from San Jose State University and graduated with a double major degree in Behavioral Science and Psychology – I was 57 then. I loved every single minute of going back to school and I only wrapped up my studying so that we could move when our first granddaughter was born so that we could be closer. I made my first quilt for her too.

  80. Julie D says:

    Ten years ago in 2006 I had two school aged children. I was juggling full time work; doing unceasing housework; supervising homework; being a taxi driver to soccer and hockey practice; watching school sports on Saturday’s; going to parent teacher interviews and worrying about how I’d manage it all. Now my kids are at uni and things are vastly different. All I can say is the days were long but the years were short.

  81. 2006 was super busy; in January I married my love and in December we bought the home we’re now raising our children in. Such a special year.
    Love everything Bonnie & Camille!

  82. Diane B says:

    One of my son’s was deployed to Iraq for the second time, and our send off was not very happy. It just didn’t feel right , as with past deployments. I kept busy w/family readiness activities (putting together care packages, monthly family meetings/events, stitching up stockings for the Christmas care packages).
    Round about October we found out he had been transported to the theater hospital in Germany, with an unsual illness. Turned out to be a bone cancer. All is well now and life is grander. THankyou.

  83. I had just celebrated my first child’s first birthday and I was part of the EB sewing group that you were part of. I have been following you for all these years and life just gets better and busier every year. Congrats on 10 years. I rember you forum name is was very clever. Best wishes

  84. Michelle says:

    10 years ago I was dreading going back to work with number 3 baby still not sleeping through nights! As I work night shift, I think I spent that entire year in a daze! Congratulations on 10 years, love your work!

  85. It is such a pleasure to read your blog! Your family and your stories and experience are always interesting and warming.
    Happy Blogoversary!

    Best wishes,

  86. Renee Ballantyne says:

    Marrying my husband

  87. Oh goodness – 10 years ago I was supporting one daughter who was undertaking her first year of Uni with a 1 hour 45 minute drive each way every day of the week. Her resilience amazed me. At the same time I was supporting my younger daughter with severe clinical depression. We have all come out the other end and I now have a clinical dietician and a nurse in the family.

  88. Melissa says:

    10 years ago I was a new mum to my (now) miss 10! Wow, what a steep learning curve that was. I’m also teaching her to sew at the moment and her favourite thing is hexagons. She half made a pin cushion last holidays and we’ll finish it off in the July holidays.

  89. Karen M says:

    So who has won?

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