there has been lots of knitting

Sometimes I am on a real go slow with my knitting or a particular project. And then there are times when I’m so motivated to finish a project. That is how I’ve been with this little cardy for my littlest miss. I have just been so motivated to get it finished and she’s been coming over and taking the first page of the pattern to show everyone what I’m knitting. That’s a good sign. Because I did make her a kina and it’s still unworn because she didn’t like wearing it. So we’re feeling positive about this one. I’ve been knitting in the backyard, while getting a pedicure, in the car to the blue mountains, watching tv, in front of the fire, while listening to little people read to me. This has taken me one week so far which is pretty good in my books.

I’m using granny’s favourite by tikki which is a favourite of mine. If you look up #grannysfavourite on instagram you’ll see lots for inspiration with a few real life grannies in there too. And I’ve used Bendigo Luxury 8 ply in bubblegum which I’m just loving. I was using it for the garter stitch blanket square but switched it to this project and it’s such a great pink. But of course I needed more so I’ll be waiting for the mailman to arrive with my order of Bendigo.

And that free  shipping if you spend $50 meant I had to get another couple of balls to avoid postage. The things we do. But with the cooler weather here I picked up some 10 ply in pale pink to make this cardigan for a few baby girls that have been born or are being born. I was having a big clearout and nearly threw out the magazine and then saw how perfect this little cardigan looked. You can also find the pattern online as a download here (US$2.99).

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Most of the family are back to school and work tomorrow so I probably won’t get much knitting done but at least I’ve been productive so far…………I hope you’ve been squeezing in a bit of craft time too. I have just started my next project..while I wait for that delivery. It’s another old favourite of mine from last minute knitted gifts, here is the last time I made one.


  1. I was going to pull out the blanket I have been crotcheting for ages. I keep picking it up & putting it down & have now managed to lose it ! Time to get my husband to help me dig around in the high cupboards

  2. Jennifer Britton says:

    It’s absolutely gorgeous, lovely colour too. The quilt is a perfect backdrop – can I ask what the fabric and pattern is?

  3. Ooh that colors looks gorgeous for the little placket sweater. Do you mind telling me what color it is Corrie?

  4. Theresa says:

    I really like the cardigan you are knitting and such a pretty colour. I have also knit this pattern for my granddaughter.

  5. Anita Styles says:

    Where do you find the pattern for this please? does it have a sleeve?

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