why I love crochet

This is one of the main reasons I love crochet. Exhibit A. Two crocheted squares (one finished, one almost finished) measuring 10 inches for our schools Wrap with Love project. Each square took one night on the couch while I watched Barbie, Toy Story and so on cuddled up with the kids. Piece of Cake. I’m using this pattern.

And now I present Exhibit B. One garter stitch square that is coming out slightly larger than 10 inches and is taking FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve done this for 3 nights, 2 stints in car line, some morning knitting and I’m still going! About 3 more inches to go. It is nice and squishy though.

So moral of the story is that for the school blankets I’ll be doing crocheted squares from here onwards. Well once I finish the garter stitch square. Wool all came from the stash and mostly Bendigo in a range of colours. I really am loving the grey and pink combo which are the latest colours in Luxury and just gorgeous.


  1. I’ve been buying Bendigo yarn (mainly Luxury) for a couple of years now after reading about it on your blog. I LOVE it. SOOO much nicer to work with than the standard yarns on offer.

    I am about to finish a granny stripe blanket in Luxury: Frost, Delphinium and Shadow and it looks gorgeous!

    I also love crochet and love that it works up so much quicker than knitting.

  2. I’m really loving that pink and grey together!! Might have to order some.


  3. This is one of the main reasons I love crochet, it is soooo much quicker than knitting. Also if there is a mistake you can pull it out easy and not risk losing any stitches like in knitting,

  4. Yeah crochet covers area quicker but knitting gives a smoother finished piece. It’s all about the look and purpose you want to achieve.

  5. I can crochet so much better than I knit.. and Bendigo yarns are just my favourite.. Love the colour choices.. you have inspired me! off to pick up a hook!

  6. You are far too clever for my liking! One day, when my days slow a little, I’ll get serious with some knitting and crochet again.
    But you make it look so easy and amazing.

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