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Well my poor old neglected blog! I do manage to keep facebook and instagram up to date if you ever feel like you are missing anything. I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy with the exception of 3 little ones under 3 which was definitely the busiest time of my life. At least now I can shower each day and leave the house. And I have another little one to look after with this pup who is just getting cuter by the day.

He unfortunately likes to leave me ‘surprises’ on the floor so I never know what I’ll wake up to and suddenly that crate training is making sense since we’ve had to block off the lounge room and keep him away from carpeted areas. His latest trick for 2 days was to run to the top of the stairs, leave me a poo and then slowly make his way down the stairs again. Puppy school here we come. We nipped that in the bud pretty quickly by the way.

We have had such a jam packed few days here.  Friday was my little girl’s first time leading the school in assembly with her class. She introduced the items and did some wonderful singing and actions. There were tears. From me. She loved that microphone. Our Saturday was filled with 2 rugby games, interschool cross country, a kids birthday party and a swimming lesson. Rugby and gymnastics for other kids had to be missed and we plopped into bed and thank goodness for that extra hour with daylight savings. Sunday I went to the most beautiful afternoon for Divine Mercy Sunday where the Bishop said mass, blessed a Divine Mercy image for the church, confession was offered all afternoon, the most amazing singing I’ve ever heard in a church and just a very special 2 1/2 hours of peace and quiet that I really needed. Obviously I didn’t have everyone with me (since it was relaxing and peaceful which aren’t words that go together with taking the whole family to church) and just had my 2 girls who were perfectly behaved. If you haven’t read the story of the Divine Mercy image it’s a special story recently made into a movie here. And I swapped over with my husband who stayed for the rest of the afternoon. I went from quiet and peaceful afternoon to a van full of crazy kids who needed to be taken home via KFC.

Oh and Bendigo released some new yarn colours. Always an exciting time when their shade card is released but I haven’t received mine yet but I had to get some of these delicious new colours. These 3 really jumped out at me and I love the bubblegum and grey, well I love all three of them really. And great to have a darker grey as I think I have used lots of Ghost over the years.


  1. Goodness, I swear that handsome pup looks like a stuffed animal sitting on the stairs! until the next pic.

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