another great Easter Show

After a few years away from the Easter Show it was so great to be back there over the weekend. It almost didn’t happen but I thought it would be a wonderful special treat for the family. And it was. Although I had hoped to surprise everyone on Sunday morning but someone overheard us and we ended up telling everyone the night before. My big girl drew up a checklist of what to pack and when to leave. We all slept in, enjoyed our delicious breakfast and headed out so we could walk in the gates just after 9.

We had a plan of attack. Do a kids ride or two

Scones for grandma. She was a trooper walking with us most of the day and just took a rest while we did showbags. I looked over and she had no sooner sat down than started talking to the person next to her. The CWA ladies outdid themselves again. They seemed to have more space this year but it still wasn’t enough as everyone loves their scones. Those ladies worked so hard and are always serving with a smile. The tables are in hot demand and we managed to get one but it’s always a tight area. They are popular ladies with their scones and tea. Maybe one year they’ll get a bit more space. I managed to get half a scone and it was delicious. As always. I wonder how many the ladies will have made by the end of the show. I also managed to buy their latest cookbook and another teatowel for my collection.

Now I went off looking for the quilts and craft but they’d moved. And by the time we found them everyone was a bit restless so we did the dogs! So cute and we picked up some cute bow tie collars for Chester.

Then we looked at a few of the animals including our favourite….alpacas. They are just so cute. The girls got to pat one and then in another area got to walk them around for a lap which was very cute. It’s not everyday you get to walk an alpaca and I think we might need one for our place. So cute. And we loved meeting the lovely people behind Adagio Alpaca who had a busy stall at the show too.

We did a few more animals. Stopped for some hot chips for lunch and a sweet older gentleman came up to tell us as we were mostly standing that he had 6 children himself so he knew what it was like and there was a nice table over there in the shade. What a nice man. Now at this point we realised that the sky was turning black and we had 9 of us and the car parked a long way away. And we still didn’t have our showbags or had seen the quilts and knitting. And of course everyone was anxious about seeing the quilts and craft. No, just kidding. Only me.

The quilts were all quite traditional but this would have to be the teeniest tiniest hexagon quilt I’d seen

So we headed off to showbags last, 1 each for 5 of the kids and I was having flashbacks to getting the home and away and neighbours bags when I was young and going to the show with my grandma. And just as someone was having a wobbly we were marching out to the exit and heading home. We didn’t lose anyone and it was great to have 2 prams and some older kids to push a pram if one of us was carrying someone. All in all a great day and I think we can wait another few years before we head again…….my feet were aching!


  1. Looks like a great day out. We are planning on taking our two next year. We took them to the local castle hill show this year as a ‘trial’ and they loved it. We didn’t love the cost of the show bags but you gotta do it!!

  2. My daughter loves the CWA pavilion, anything to score some free sweet treats!

  3. Marilyn says:

    Ooo I love the craft and the crochet is stunning wow

  4. After taking my 3 kids, aged 2, 4 and 5, to Australia zoo one day and eumundi markets the next, I can only imagine how exhausting (but fun!) that must have been for you all! In hindsight, a stroller would have been smart for the 2 year old, but something had to be sacrificed when I was packing the car (we were on holidays from Central QLD) and the pram didn’t make it!

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