and another little cotton rabbit is finished

Here is my 3rd little cotton rabbit all finished. Oh boy this one was a race to the finish line. I was up watching Netflix at the same time and when I trimmed the last piece of wool on the rabbit I checked the time. 1.30am. I wrote a list of things I’d need to do in the morning and went straight to bed. This little one is a bit different from the others. I used the Adagio Alpaca and it was a treat to use. Super soft and a bit of hair (but not too much) made him so lovely. Go down a needle size if you use the Adagio alpaca as I used a 2.75mm for this one.

He has a little jumper (sweater) made from a 4 ply wool from Spotlight and a little button from the stash. He was gifted to our wonderful teacher’s aide and she loved it. This other rabbit was loved by our little girl’s teacher and I’m glad I got them both done by the last day of school before the Easter weekend. I’m also glad to be back into knitting for the kids.

The instructions for the little cotton rabbits are foolproof and I look forward to knitting another one later in the year.


  1. Your little rabbit came out so cute. I made two for my granddaughters for Easter the sewing and finishing took so long!!!

  2. georgous little rabbit. i want to knit one for my new grandson, where is the pattern???

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