and they call it puppy love

Oh we have fallen in love with our little puppy. That’s for sure. He arrived last night and is just the cutest little thing ever.

trying to get a photo at night and when he was still was a bit of challenge. He had lots of admirers and a few squealers which kept excitement levels high. And as you can imagine it was hard to get everyone to go to bed. Or do their homework. At least getting them out of bed was easy because they wanted to spend time with our little Chester.

He is a labradoodle and came down by plane from QLD yesterday. Apparently they were filming an airport/airline show so keep an eye out for him in case he comes up on the tv screen.

The littlest kids love being chased by him and a little someone doesn’t like him to nap. Instead she wants him awake. I did have to bribe her out of his bed with a vegemite sandwich and I’m going to have to get serious about the crate training this week so he gets some peace and quiet. He has a very sweet and playful nature and doesn’t mind the noise or action. In fact from the moment he arrived he was straight into the action. But it’s definitely like having a little baby and the human baby is going to need a little adjustment period as he gets a bit jealous when the puppy is on my lap and he’s not.

But we are definitely loving the latest addition to our family and love him to bits. Keep those puppy tips coming. It’s a steep learning curve. That’s for sure! And so that I don’t bore the non dog lovers with lots of puppy photos I set up his instagram at @chesterthelabradoodle so I don’t lose any of my followers with 50 million puppy photos. It’s kind of hard not to share all the cute moments we are getting here.

And some of the things that the kids have been saying have been hilarious.’Mum are you going to make him some active wear?'(from the 9 year old) and ‘don’t worry  Chester we’ll help you find your mummy'(from the 3 year old) and ” I think Chester loves mum more than me’ (from a few of them but that’s probably because I’m calm and not running around!).


  1. Dont fall for the whinning all night to let him into your bed. He will give up after a night or two. We found a big blanket best to comfort our puppy and stop the crying.

  2. He is so gorgeous. I am very tempted to get instagram to see all the photos you post :)

  3. Puppy school. Worth the time and money!

  4. Not sure if it’s been suggested, but we use a bell hanging from the door knob for our Mini Goldendoodles for alerting us to go outside. They took to it within 2 weeks. Happy doodle days!!! He’s adorable.

  5. Wait till he starts “talking”. How labradoodle talks all the time! Very handy as the dog can say “Dad did you leave the garage light on?”…”Dad did you remember to get the washing in”?

    We’ve had our labradoodle for 18 months now – best purchase ever – so friendly & loving & fun! Just watch out for your shoes, headphones, phone cords, Bratz dolls etc – a few expensive things chewed in the first few months.

  6. I used to spend my days trying to educate people on how to take care of new puppies. Here are some golden rules. Absolutely no milk. Water is perfect. Don’t use supermarket foods – they are full of fillers etc. Buy quality food from the pet store or vet. Might seem to be more expensive however, it is cheaper – they eat less because it’s more filling and better for them. They need lots of sleep. They are a pack animal and need to know you are the leader of the pack otherwise you can end up with a nightmare. Everyone in the household needs to be doing the same in regards to any training and the puppy has to know he is below the parents and kids. Do not treat them as a human baby – big mistake. There are some quality chew toys and make sure you have them on hand. Don’t allow the kids to tease him. Some things may seem fun but you have to be clear about the messages being delivered. Poodles are intelligent but can be terrible if poorly trained and allowed to rule the roost. Have seen that first hand! Two good breeds combined. Lots of love and affection combined with solid training will provide a beautiful, well behaved member of the family. Enjoy!

  7. lyn lindsay says:

    Beautiful new addition to your family, just gorgeous, I can see why you are all in love, love the pic with puppy and Elodie a keeper, enjoy your Easter celebrations a wonderful time to celebrate.
    Lyn, Brisbane

  8. So adorable. How is it going with your 4 legged baby? I bet its a race for him every arvo.
    So good for the kids X

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