sew your own easter baskets

I had so much fun putting this little project together for Brother. You can find the project sheet with full instructions and photos here.

I made one basket with a ribbon trim and then made my own binding and did a version with bias binding which I think the quilters will enjoy. My girls are using these on their dressing tables for hair ribbons, elastics and jewellery.

But anyone who loves chocolate or lives with other people who love chocolate should have known that the full easter basket in the first photo was never going to last until the next day when I made the second version. Nope. Not much left in the easter egg department.

I hope you enjoy making the project. I even have a cheats version if the corners are too tricky with the ribbon you can just sew them closed for an even easier basket.


  1. Ahhh so cute!! I love this idea! It’s so much nicer than the tacky looking single-use baskets from the supermarket, although I have to admit that Bed Bath and Table has some lovely decorations this year. Making my own is probably a safer bet from a budget side of things though!

    • you know I almost wrote that there are 2 types of easter decorations – the cheap ones from china or the expensive ones in shops like that! you got it! much cheaper and a great way to use the stash:)

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