knitting teeny tiny jumpers

Look away now if you don’t like weaving in ends. I have a few here that need to be done.

But how cute is this little tiny jumper (you might call it a sweater depending on where you live in the world) for a little cotton rabbit. My knitting (and poor old blog) has been taking a back seat to the school run and other jobs I have going on. This week our little miss goes in for day surgery for her teeth so I’m thinking I’ll be knitting to keep my mind on other things and keeping close to her.

I was thinking it wasn’t too ambitious to knit 2 rabbits for the teachers before Easter but I’m cutting it fine. I’m always a bit last minute in most things. Today I’m knitting the little shorts and tail and hoping tomorrow I can put one rabbit all together.

Top tips? Go for a natural wool for the rabbit (the grey I’ve used is 8 ply alpaca from Adagio Mills and the cream is Rustic in Linen Fleck by Bendigo Woollen Mills), keep all the pieces that still have stitches on one needle, wool stuffing is really lovely inside the finished rabbit, have fun with colours for the outfits, raid the stash for all the yarns because you don’t need a lot to knit each item, and I just make 1 (m1) my usual way as with the tiny needles and thick wool it can be tricky (I found this with the rustic) and it was just getting too tight for me so I knit my usual m1. The instructions are so clear and concise and I think that’s the appeal of the pattern.

Have you started knitting a little cotton rabbit? They are very addictive and very cute to knit………….


  1. Samantha Marshall says:

    I have some of the linen fleck at home and it feels so lovely! I adore the colours through it and the way it gives each piece a unique character. I’m also glad to hear I’m not the only last minute larry around here!!

  2. dianne nunn says:

    All the best for the day surgery for your

  3. What a lovely idea to knit those bunnies for the teachers. I can’t wait to see them when you’re done. Hope your little one recovers quickly from her op.

  4. Well done Corrie. You have inspired me to have a go at making them for the grandkids for Easter.

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