trying to get on the computer

I’m struggling to find time to get on the computer lately. Most of my life is spent in the car getting everyone to where they need to be and when we get home everyone has homework. And they need my computer. Bug Club, Duolingo, Maths Online, Canvas and so on. We’ve had to set 30 minute limits for each child with a bit extra if you have an assignment to do. I don’t know whether you do homework as soon as they get in the door or after dinner but I’ve found as they’ve gotten older I don’t need to remind them to do their homework so kind of let them do it when they want so long as you are in bed by 8.30.

My alarm goes off at 5.50am each morning and I have to say that we haven’t been late this year (touch wood) and are running a tight ship. Well so long as you don’t look at the kitchen sink or beds until I get home from the school run. And the only thing that is getting me through the long car journeys are ABC 702 – I’m becoming a mini expert in various topics – and my CD collection too.

As busy as life is we are counting down until Chester arrives. We learnt from a teacher to get some pet supplies from the Reject shop which saved some money. We got a dog crate delivered so we can do some crate training. We’ve got a bed, bowl, toys and are almost puppy ready.

The knitting is kind of coming along. I’ve knitted one and a half bunnies and am onto a cute little red and white striped jumper. I’m leaving assembly until the end.

The alpaca from Adagio is just gorgeously soft. I’ve now decided the more natural the wool for the bunnies the better and this is going to be gorgeous. I did go down a size on my needles from the pattern as it’s quite fine for an 8 ply but it’s knitting up beautifully. When I actually get the chance to knit.

Hope you’re getting more time to yourself or to craft than me…………..


  1. Tim fulford says:

    Time to switch off the internet! We have set our router to restrict the time that the children have access to the Internet. Most routers allow you to do this. We have a separate wireless connection for the children and adults so they can be controlled to come on and off at different times.
    With the children home work, chores and then Internet is the only way for us. He adults Internet goes off at night and smartphones are set not to accept emails overnight, this reduces the stress caused when you here the phone ping at 2am. It’s amazing how the stress is reduced. Messages can’t come through until after we have got up and had breakfast.
    Also no IT in bed!

  2. Justine says:

    Thankfully our children don’t need for their homework. They still get it all in book form and writing down answers so that helps. Also our Year 5 gets hers on a Friday so she does it all in the weekend which is great as the weekdays are busy with ballet etc. Can’t wait to meet Chester soon. Your family must be all so excited!!!

  3. maree ross says:

    Another VERY good tool is a puppy playpen for when you have to leave him for all the school runs and you can’t put him outside just yet! Good luck with Home work! My theory was most of it doesn’t need doing and if they set it those teachers can police it!

  4. We have a child safety gate on our laundry and that is where our bichon/jack Russell goes at night and when I am at work. We have a doggy door in the back door so she can get outside to do her business. It works really well and no crate needed.

  5. we always left our doggie in the laundry same as above with child gate and doggie door, plus the radio on a talkback station.

  6. virginia says:

    I know what you mean. Tight ship for everything, including the computer!

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