a sick house and self check outs at Spotlight

When you have children at school you get used to the bugs that come home with them. The runny noses, the tummy bugs, the coughs, the nits. Last year it was whooping cough that went through most of the kids. This year we’ve had the flu and missed a few days of school. Then the school newsletter said that gastro had been going through the school but seemed to have finished, my thoughts were ‘oh no that’s terrible, but it looks like we escaped it’. When actually I should have been thinking, ‘oh no that’s terrible, I wonder when we’ll get it’. Because we did. Starting on Saturday night and ending this morning…well I hope it has ended today. It’s my birthday this week and all I kept thinking when I was really sick was please let us get to enjoy my birthday dinner!

Everyone was dropping like flies with this 24 hour bug. We had lemonade and salty crackers when you were ready to have a little something and hot chips for dinner last night and somehow that fat/salt combination worked for some of us and we are feeling much better today. Mind you with some of the kids you would never know they were sick and were excited by the fact we had lemonade, ice blocks and hot chips for dinner! Kids! It did remind me of the days when I had 3 or 4 little ones all at home and a tummy bug was just a nightmare with no sleep. Now the kids (well most of them) can run to the bathroom and are happy to sip lemonade and camp out on the lounge in front of apple tv (with a book, I make them at least have a book next to them!). And maybe that 9.5kgs washing machine helps me get through the loads of towels and sheets much faster.  Here is how a sick patient looked nearly 6 years ago in this house. So cute.

Anyway after 2 days cooped up I took the little kids who were all recovered to Spotlight to get a present for a weekend party (school party circuit is back on) and a few supplies for some easter crafting. The checkouts were closing just as I got to them and I was directed to the self check out. Tiny bags, one little boy who ran away from me out of view and tried to escape out the automatic entrance doors, another bigger boy who swiped the same item 3 times just for fun. Then it didn’t like my card. The lady behind me had $5 stuck in the machine when she tried to put money in and the whole machine had to be opened up. It wasn’t a great introduction to self service. Anyway, what can you do, everything is moving towards self service. I love my local store but just not the self check out with lots of little ones and a pram full of goodies. Might be a good excuse to go on my own from now on.

At least I came home with this gorgeous ball of wool which is just about the nicest colour I’ve seen for autumn/winter. I’m thinking a little milo vest or a little hat for a little boy. It was less than $4 and such a great colour and find.


  1. I refuse to use self serve checkouts

  2. I’m with you Dee and will not use self serve checkouts anywhere. We pay enough as it is we should be getting service for our money. No way!!!

  3. I realise Corrie had little choice, but I won’t use them either. When shepherded towards them in the super market i exclaim rather loudly that the more people use them the more quickly assistants’ jobs will vanish. Sometimes I also enquire loudly about the discount provided to me for scanning and oacking my own groceries. LOL.

  4. I do use them reluctantly ( because the one and only cashier usually has a long queue) but i agree that automation has led to jobs vanishing. How can that be ‘progress’?

    I was in Lindcraft a couple of weeks ago looking for rings to revamp a broken roman blind. The one member of staff I found had no idea what I was talking about. I ended up having to go to Bunnings and buying washers from their plumbing department to fix the blind.

  5. Happy 40th Corrie!!!! I remember it being a really nice age. Such a pretty dress too.
    That alone would make you feel special ………
    Enjoy your day!!! Christine

  6. How funny, I bought that same wool from Spotlight to make a Milo – but in a teal colour. It’ll be my first one, and the first thing I’ll have knit in the round. I’m going to leave the cables out, but I first need to figure out how to do that. Any tips for a first time milo knitter?

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